AITO - Automated On-Demand Courier Service

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Objectives of the service

Shaping the future of autonomous driving, TeleRetail's technology reduces the cost of transport by up to 90% while enabling 24/7 on-demand transport services. Like driverless cars, TeleRetail delivery robots apply lasers, cameras, radars, GNSS and other sensors to "see" their environment and to safely navigate through it. The company’s award-winning “Aito” software can drive autonomous vehicles of almost any size.

During the demonstration project, TeleRetail focuses on further development of its Aito localization and navigation technology and communication with infrastructure to allow robot deliveries into buildings for full automation of transport tasks in industrial, urban and rural environments. The resulting developments will be showcased at selected customer and partner sites at the end of the project.

Users and their needs

The TeleRetail AutoPilot Software enables Industrial Logistics Automation for companies such as thyssenkrupp Elevator, Urban Delivery Automation for companies like Coca-Cola European Partners as well as Smart City Transport Automation for companies such as Kansai Electric Power. TeleRetail robots are used by industrial manufacturing companies and retail companies to allow:

  • 24/7/365 availability for same day/express delivery services, 
  • On-demand logistics,
  • Cost-effective for industrial, last and middle mile delivery services,
  • Local coverage,
  • Environmentally friendly logistics.

Service/ system concept

TeleRetail Aito robots collect data from different sensors on the robot like GNSS, lidars, cameras, etc. to localize themselves and to navigate to the ordered destinations. All the data is processed directly in the robot, thereby allowing quick reaction of the robots in the case of unexpected obstacles.

Joint development together with thyssenkrupp elevator allows a seamless integration of robot deliveries into existing building infrastructures so that the robots can not only access buildings but also take elevators to the desired floors.

The TeleRetail logistics automation platform manages requested deliveries automatically without the need of human involvement or supervision. The provided platform contains various applications for users and allows to automate every step of the deliveries efficiently.

Space Added Value

TeleRetail Aito technology enables fully autonomous driving with the use of Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation data:

  • GNSS is critical for precise localisation and for driving with cm accuracy. This will be reached by using RTK on the industrial sites. 
  • Earth Observation satellite imagery is an essential basis for the creation of first site awareness maps for the autonomous robots and for path planning in outdoor environments where no public road network exists. In a first instance roads, buildings and other objects of relevance for navigation will be extracted from optical and radar satellite imagery using neural networks.

Current Status

The third review meeting was successfully held on 16 March 2021. The project team completed the development and integration of the necessary system components for the pilot-demonstration service at the thyssenkrupp site. The team is now focusing on the preparations for the extended pilot service, which is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

Status Date

Updated: 08 October 2020 - Created: 08 October 2020