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Invitation To Tender

Kick-start Activities is a new IAP funding opportunity for investigating the business potential and technical viability of new applications and services exploiting one or more space assets.

Novel Internet Of Things Services Using Space Capabilities
Invitation To Tender

ESA has launched an opportunity to offer funding and support to companies for the business case assessment and development of new space enabled Internet of things (IoT) services that target relevant customer needs.

Integrated Applications for Microgrids in Developing Economies
Intended Tender

In collaboration with IESA, ESA supports feasibility studies that identify and explore business opportunities for deploying services based on Satellite Communications, Earth Observation data, and/or other space assets which facilitate the decentralised management of microgrids in India and other developing countries.

Copernicus Data and Information Access Services Operations
Invitation To Tender

The scope of this ITT is the procurement of the Copernicus Data and Information Access Services Operations (DIAS) back-office operations as a service.


Kick-start Activities: new funding opportunity for innovative applications ideas

Kick-start Activity is ESA’s new Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) funding scheme being launched in 2017. It is designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs and start-ups to participate in the IAP programme. Activities will be funded at 75%, with ESA providing up to €60,000 per contract. 

IAP reloaded
Programme Enhancements

We're announcing some interesting changes to the IAP programme. Read a quick summary here.

New monitoring system for the Danube helps manage seasonal challenges

Managing seasonal navigational hazards, such as winter ice, on Romania's section of the Danube river is the goal of an ongoing ARTES IAP Demonstration Project.

New funding opportunity: space support for microgrids developments in India
Intended Invitation To Tender

In Q1 2017, a new Invitation To Tender will be launched for feasibility studies which identify and explore business opportunities for deploying space-enabled services in support of decentralised management of microgrids in India and other developing countries

End of Year Message from Magali Vaissiere

Magali Vaissiere, director of the Telecoms directorate, looks back over a very eventful and successful year.


Space & CBRNE threats
7 March 2017, ESTEC (The Netherlands)

ESA and EDA are pleased to announce the joint Workshop on Space and CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) threats on 7 March 2017, at ESA's ESTEC site in Noordwijk (The Netherlands). During the workshop, the upcoming Invitation to Tender (ITT) on Space Based Services in Support of CBRNE operations  will be announced, with available budget of up to 350,000 Euro per Feasibility Study.

2017 UK Space Conference
30 May to 1 June 2017, Manchester (UK)

UPDATE: Call for abstracts now open!
Held every two years, the UK Space Conference is an important forum for the UK and international space community, particularly for organisations eager to expand into this growing sector. The Small Business Hub will be a key feature of this year’s exhibition. Organisations that employ fewer than 10 people are encouraged to take advantage of this special exhibitor rate and secure one of the few remaining spaces.