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Ageing Population
Tender Closing Date: 30 May 2017

This Kick-start Activity is dedicated to ideas for services which address the ageing population as a whole, local authorities, carers, the (national) health and social care system, residential homes, technology and service providers and other relevant stakeholders in this sector.

Food Security
Tender Opening Date: 30 May 2017

This Call for Kick-start Activities is dedicated to the theme "Food Security", which is open to ideas for services addressing decision makers, food suppliers and distributors, transport companies and other relevant stakeholders in this sector.

Space-based Services in Support of CBRNe Operations
Tender Closing Date: 31 July 2017

The objective of the feasibility study is to assess the technical and economic viability of deploying services based on Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation data, and/or other space assets to support CBRNe operations (e.g. catering for detection and situational awareness, prediction, early warning and response planning) for the benefit of both institutional and commercial users.

Integrated Applications for Microgrids in Developing Economies
Intended Tender

In collaboration with IESA, ESA supports feasibility studies that identify and explore business opportunities for deploying services based on Satellite Communications, Earth Observation data, and/or other space assets which facilitate the decentralised management of microgrids in India and other developing countries.


Kick-start Activities: new funding opportunity for innovative applications ideas

Kick-start Activity is ESA’s new Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) funding scheme being launched in 2017. It is designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs and start-ups to participate in the IAP programme. Activities will be funded at 75%, with ESA providing up to €60,000 per contract. 

Space and Satcom for 5G
With an emphasis on European Transport and Connected Mobility

Profound changes lie ahead for the transport and communications sectors, both in Europe and worldwide. While technological innovation and disruptive business models spur the demand for new mobility services, transportation systems are developing towards connected mobility.

Monitoring transport of hazardous goods from space

With the support of ESA, Belgian SME Ovinto has developed a service that offers satellite-based monitoring of rail cars and intermodal tank containers.

ARTES gives Ireland's thriving space industry a boost

A series of developments highlight the growth of the Irish space industry and the important role ESA’s ARTES Programme is playing.

Major contract for medical monitoring device developed with ESA support

A portable device for monitoring vital signs and providing communications for medics that was developed with the support of ESA has been chosen by the UK Ministry of Defence for use in the remote and challenging locations in which it operates.


2017 UK Space Conference
30 May to 1 June 2017, Manchester (UK)

UPDATE: Call for abstracts now open!
Held every two years, the UK Space Conference is an important forum for the UK and international space community, particularly for organisations eager to expand into this growing sector. The Small Business Hub will be a key feature of this year’s exhibition. Organisations that employ fewer than 10 people are encouraged to take advantage of this special exhibitor rate and secure one of the few remaining spaces.

Space Moves!
Save the date and pre-register, 18 - 19 September 2017, Berlin (DE)

Space Moves! is the seventh edition of ESA’s annual ARTES Applications workshop. It will bring together companies, users, experts, entrepreneurs, and the vibrant start-up scene, jointly organised by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA).