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Programme Enhancements

We're announcing some interesting changes to the IAP programme. Read a quick summary here.

Three new IAP Tenders
Issued Tenders

Three new Invitations to Tender (ITT) have now been published.

New ESA BICS and Ambassador Platforms for Switzerland and Austria

New ESA Business Incubation Centers (BIC) and Ambassador Platforms in Switzerland and Austria are now up and running. Both developments are part of ESA's long-term strategy for expanding outreach programmes that target European SMEs.

Venture capital available for space-based companies

The Seraphim Space Fund is set to boost European small, medium and start-up companies developing space-based applications, services and technologies. The fund offers a springboard for all space technology, emerging products, applications and associated services that have been developed with ESA’s help.

Monitoring bridges opens vast markets

The GeoSHM structural health monitoring system, developed with the support of ESA, is now being further deployed in Scotland and China.


Future Opportunities for In-Orbit Demonstration
10 November 2016, Harwell Campus (UK)

The European Space Agency has published an “Announcement of Opportunity” for Pioneer, while Innovate UK has created the In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) Programme, delivered by the Satellite Applications Catapult. Both of which aim to lower the barriers to entry and stimulate new in-orbit test missions for innovative applications and services. This workshop will tell you how demonstrate in-orbit can remove obstacles across the value chain and open up new opportunities.

Elevator Pitch Training and Pitch Events
17 November 2016, London (UK)

The SFN is a network which seeks to bring the growing satellite and space industry together with the financial community: offering opportunities for both. SFN has excellent relationships with investors who are specifically interested in space and satellite application opportunities.

Third ARTES Applications Final Presentation Day
17 November 2016, ECSAT (UK), or follow live on Twitter #ARTESApps

We are pleased to announce the Third ARTES Applications Final Presentation Day, which will take place in ECSAT (Harwell, UK) on 17 November 2016.

ECSAT Industry Day
17 November 2016, ECSAT (UK)

ESA invites you for the ECSAT Industry Day on the Invitation to Tender for Competitive Frame Contracts for Industrial Support to ESA Directories (2017-22).

Ambassador Platform for Italy for ARTES Applications
12 December 2016, Italian Space Agency (ASI) (Rome, Italy)

To mark the launch of the Ambassador Platform for Italy, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) is organising a workshop dedicated to the ARTES Applications programme.


Waste Management
Issued Tender

UPDATE: Closing date extended
The objective of this ARTES IAP feasibility study is to develop a business case where space technologies enable services for Waste Management issues while assessing its feasibility / viability.

Integrated applications using ADS-B
Issued Tender

UPDATE: Closing date extended
The objective of the feasibility study is to identify and characterize ADS-B based services addressing potentially interesting application domains, carry out the analysis of their technical feasibility and commercial viability, select the most promising ones for further development and exploitation, and propose a roadmap for the implementation and demonstration of the proposed services.

Big data applications to boost preparedness and response to migration
Issued Tender

UPDATE: Closing date extended
The objective of the feasibility study is to carry out an analysis of the technical feasibility and commercial viability of big data processing applications in combination with space-based services in order to support the identification of migration flows, and to propose a roadmap for their implementation.