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ESA helps New Space boost European connectivity

To boost Europe’s Secure Connectivity Initiative, ESA is partnering with the European Commission to create opportunities for the New Space ecosystem in an online event held on Monday 14th June.

Quantum communication in space moves ahead

Keeping information secure in today’s interconnected world is becoming ever more important, so ESA is supporting efforts to ensure that future communications are kept confidential.

First leap for beam-hopping constellation

Broadband satellites that can be completely repurposed while in orbit have just taken a leap forwards. Beam-hopping satellites can switch which region of the world they cover – and vary the data volume and rates for each region...

Triton-X, the New Competitive European Multi-Purpose Microsatellite...

The European Space Agency signed a Partnership Projects contract on 21st May 2021 with the Prime Contractor OHB LuxSpace (LU) for the development and the qualification of the Triton-X Heavy platform, which will be ready for...

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