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Centralised power supply solution now on the market, thanks to ESA’s...

Within ESA’s Eurostar Neo Partnership Project, RUAG Space (Sweden) has developed and qualified an RF Centralized Power Supply Unit (RFCPSU), in order to supply a high number of RF equipment like LNA’s and Converters with power,...

ARTES 4.0 – a new proposal for a new marketplace

The world space market is undergoing a deep transformation fuelled by the digitalisation of the economy and society. At the same time, many governments recognise the growing strategic importance of space. 

Saving time and costs thanks to T-Cube wireless sensors

Environmental testing at system level of complete spacecrafts requires several hundreds of sensors both for mechanical and thermal-vacuum testing. Wireless sensors provide a competitive solution to avoid buying, assembling,...

Eurostar Neo test paves the way for flight of PPS®5000

Thanks to electric propulsion, the new Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus DS) Eurostar Neo satellite product line offers one of the largest communications payload capacity on the world market. 

  • Xtend 5G

    Cloud transformation of Forsway’s hybrid satellite/terrestrial Xtend Hub for quicker deployments, closer integration with 5G/NFV networks, and higher innovation speed. The project is the first step towards creating a highly optimized system for connecting vehicles with a combination of satellite and terrestrial technologies.

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