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OneWeb launches 34 more satellites

Communications company OneWeb has added a further 34 satellites to its proposed constellation of 650, taking the total number launched so far to 40.

Quantum satellite completes vibration tests

Quantum – the innovative software-programmable satellite ordered by Eutelsat under an ESA Partnership Project – has successfully completed its mechanical test campaign at the Airbus facilities in Toulouse.

HILINK – the high-speed bridge between ground and payload

In Star Trek, ‘subspace’ or faster-than-light (FTL) communications are a means of instantly establishing contact with people and places light years away. While FTL only exists on the Enterprise, elsewhere in the universe anything...

Eurostar Neo completes first half of its Mechanical Qualification campaign

As part of Neosat, one of ESA's Artes Partnership Projects, the Airbus Eurostar Neo platform began its mechanical qualification test campaign at the end of 2019.


    The objective of this project is the assessment of satellite networks technology evolutions that can mitigate the effect of satellite latency on the user quality of experience, so that satellite networks can be integrated more seamlessly within the 5G ecosystem.

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