Working with ARTES IAP

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Preparatory Work

  • Prior to submitting a Full Proposal, the Prime and all subcontractors must register as potential bidders via esa-star. Every entity must be registered under their own national legislation. This process needs to be started as soon as possible, as it will take time to complete.

    As of 15 March 2016, esa-star – ESA’s System for Tendering And RegistrationRead more about esa-star replaced EMITS as the facility to register with ESA as an external entity, i.e. potential bidder / supplier. Existing user data from EMITS has been carried over to esa-star, which also provides access to your own entity-related data in order to verify, validate, modify or complete the registration-related data. Entities whose registration process in EMITS was in status “in preparation” on 8 March 2016 should re-enter their entity data into the new esa-star registration facility.

  • Funding of the individual Prime or subcontractors is subject to authorisation of the required ARTES IAP budget by the related National Delegation(s). As documented in the ARTES Declaration and Implementing Rules, the delegations are free to decide whether or not to support an entity. Therefore bidding teams are requested to obtain a Letter of Authorisation fromtheir national delegation before submitting a Full Proposal.

Open Competition

The standard procedure for placing contracts with ESA is the Open Competition. In this case, ESA is inviting companies and organisations to submit a proposal in response to a particular subject as defined by the Agency in coordination with the needs and requirements of the user community collaborating with ESA.

The Cover Letter of the specific Invitation To Tender (ITT) predefines the maximum budget for the project, the closing date for submitting the offer and the list of Key Acceptance Factors tenders shall comply with.

Open competitive ITTs cover one of the following activities:

  • Feasibility Studies (100% funded by ESA) which provide the preparatory framework to identify, analyse and define new potentially sustainable applications and services within the ARTES IAP programme. They have to be compliant with the following requirements: they are user driven, they benefit from the integrated use of multiple space assets and the tenderer intends to pursue a demonstration project after successful completion of the Feasibility Study.
  • Demonstration Projects (50% co-funded by ESA) dedicated to the implementation of pre-operational demonstration services within the ARTES IAP programme, which therefore comply with the following requirements: they are user driven (including user involvement and contribution), they benefit from the integrated use of multiple space assets, with clear potential to become sustainable in the post project phase.

Direct Negotiation (Call for Proposals)

ESA is inviting companies, organisations and private or public institutions to submit at any given time a proposal against the ARTES IAP "Call For Proposals".

In contrary to the open competitive tenders, this ITT has no fixed budget and no closing date, which is the reason for likewise calling it 'Open' Call for Proposals. This ITT has been published on EMITS under reference AO6124.

Proposals from industrial consortium partners can be co-funded by ESA up to 50% of the cost of the project. Research institutes and universities justifying no further commercial interest in the product can be funded up to 100%.


For more information on the financial support for ESA's ARTES IAP programme visit Funding Schemes.