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SAT-AIS - Satellite Automatic Identification System

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a short-range coastal tracking system currently used on ships. It was developed to provide identification and positioning information to both vessels and shore stations. AIS transponders automatically broadcast information at regular intervals. Navigational status data is transmitted every 2 to 180 seconds, depending on a vessel's activity. In addition, voyage-related data is broadcast every 6 minutes. These signals are received by AIS transponders installed on other ships or by land-based systems.

News and Events

News and Events

  • NOVEL SAT-AIS Receiver Phase B2/C/D

    The main objective of this activity is the development of a Novel SAT-AIS Receiver (NAIS), focusing on an in-orbit upgradable SDR platform with low power consumption, small size and advanced signal processing.

  • PLASMA (‘Platform for Advanced SAT-AIS Maritime...

    This project covers the specification, design, implementation and pre-operational demonstration of a ‘Platform for Advanced SAT-AIS Maritime Applications’ (PLASMA) at the UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult facility in Harwell.

  • SAT-AIS Private Public Partnership (PPP) Scheme...

    The study is focused on the assessment of possible PPP schemes for the development, deployment and operation of the SAT-AIS infrastructure and/or provision of the SAT-AIS data and services, analysing the feasibility of a SAT-AIS implementation as a PPP in terms of complexity, risks and financial benefits for Satellite-Based Maritime Services...


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