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The TAOSATT project aimed to address Taoglas customer needs, by delivering a data router which is versatile and scalable and which meets the demands of our customer base both now and in the future. 

The TAOSATT router is equipped with an integrated GNSS (GPS/Glonass/Galileo) receiver for vehicular tracking and will offer wired and wireless Ethernet connections to provide internet connectivity for vehicular passengers, whilst also providing a transmission path for operational and critical system data, including data messages to and from on-board sensors and engine management systems. Power and hardwired communications will be provided using ONE cable, thereby reducing the installation costs and antenna cable insertion losses compared to existing vehicular routers.


The key challenges of the project are listed below: 

  • Delays in software  and hardware development
  • 3rd party component dependencies
  • Software implementation difficulties
  • System Validation and certification issues
  • Environmental reliability and resilience
  • Dependencies on trial partners


The product benefits are listed below: 

  • A single enclosure device provides a simpler more cost effective product
  • The product supports satellite and cellular services in one
  • The product has the potential to be “white labelled” and incorporated into existing product lines
  • The product can be used to replace older legacy systems
  • The product is cheaper to install and maintain
  • The back-end system associated with the product is a simple configuration and firmware download tool, it is not a complex management system, hence the product  can be integrated into existing systems at an IP data level very easily


The product features are listed below: 

  • LTE MIMO + 3G Cellular
  • WiFi MIMO a/b/g/n
  • GNSS (GPS/Glonass/Galileo)
  • High efficiency embedded antennas
  • Single power/data cable

System Architecture

The system architecture consists of the following: 

  • SOM (System on Module)
  • Satellite Modem
  • Cellular Modem
  • GPS Receiver
  • Wi-Fi Modem
  • External Software Storage
  • System Antennas (Wi-Fi Antennas, Cellular Antennas, L-Band Antenna, GNSS Antenna)
  • SIM Holder
  • Power Supply


The project plan is shown below: 

  • Integration of OEM L-Band  and Cellular modems onto a       single carrier circuit board
  • Integration of a system on module with the carrier board        containing the system processor. memory and peripheral       control circuitry
  • Integration of Wi-Fi with L-Band and Cellular antennas in a single product
  • Development of a custom enclosure to house the carrier board, cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS antennas
  • Development of a custom external power injector for Ethernet.
  • Development of a web configuration tool based on a SNMP MIB.

Current status

The project completed successful demos with industry players. The project has been terminated and is now considered to be completed.

Status date

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 09:13