European Space Agency

SpaceOps - Mission & Resource Optimization for Advanced Telecommunication Payloads


The objective of this project is to open the MCC to flexible payloads


Main challenge was to review software architecture and look and feel in a very short time, in order to be ready for the first project in due time.

Next challenge was to find the best technical design to maximise multi-spot payload capacity, as for example, modelling accurately frequency reuse impairment.


The expected benefit is twofold: first we have built a reusable product line allowing us to escort Thales Alenia Space satellite offer but also to manage other manufacturer’s payload. Then, we have consolidated our presence on the Mission Control Market and a lot of new perspectives.


System Architecture

The MCC is composed of several elements (cf. figure below):

-       PTM

-       PCM

-       CSM

-       IOT

-       AJM




The study was divided in two phases.

Phase 1: Development of MCC NG V1 including multi-spot antennas

Phase 2: Development of MCC NG V2 including Digital Transparent Processor and Multi Port Amplifier.

Current status

The project is completed

Status date

Friday, October 5, 2018 - 08:53