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The objective of this project is the development and validation of a solution for the support and enhancement of IT applications, with a focus on Citrix® respectively virtualized applications via a SkyWAN network.


Key issues of the solution are:

  • Improve reaction time via satellite and user experience of remote users of centralized applications,
  • Reduce satellite bandwidth usage and costs,
  • Ensure easy integration into users corporate environment,
  • Optimize disaster recovery for centralised services,
  • Increase security and privacy of extended connections within the satellite network,
  • Assure Citrix® compatibility.


The major benefits of the solution package are:

  • Enhance application performance in distributed environments, in particular for ERP systems over satellite,
  • Achieve reliable connectivity to remote branch offices,
  • Lower bandwidth consumption for remote branches,
  • Improve efficiency, throughput performance and application reaction time for remote office connections,
  • Secure data and network access from remote branches,
  • Provide backup capability via satellite.


The XWARP solution accelerates and optimizes satellite WAN traffic to reduce latency, improve reaction time and where expedient also bandwidth consumption.

Key features are:

  • ICA protocol acceleration and optimization,
  • TCP optimization to balance out protocol weaknesses,
  • Connection via SPSN (Secure Private Satellite Network) to ensure an end-to-end full security set in addition to already proven SkyWAN security,
  • Adaptive and loss-free data compression,
  • Caching to reduce redundant WAN traffic.

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The project is divided into:

  • Solution verification and evaluation phase,
  • Solution packaging and productising.

The new features of the XWARP solution will complement the SkyWAN feature set. They will be available with actual units of the SkyWAN product family.


Current status

The XWARP Solution is completed and reviewed in the Final Review.

Status date

Saturday, December 10, 2011 - 13:33