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SkyNMS - Umbrella Network Management System


SkyNMS merges NMS applications used to configure and operate VSAT meshed networks with those required to manage DVB-RCS star networks.

In addition all the ground station components including field proven Element Manager systems are combined to form a single access front end with a common look-and-feel graphical interface.

Configuration applications will enforce configurations for single terminals or components compliant with the network design parameters. Misconfiguration of single components or remote terminals causing network instabilities are excluded. The operator will be guided when setting up a new network or adding / removing components or changing configuration.

A SkyNMS operator can generate complex graphs including parameters from different network devices.

Logging and event information is merged to build a global history and displayed in local language


Network wide views require extracting data from many components to be displayed.

Configuration applications will need to enforce network design rules. Activating changes in a running satellite network require proper sequence of actions when multiple components from various suppliers are involved.

Large satellite networks require surveillance capabilities that do not increase control traffic when the network is in trouble. NMS traffic via satellite shall be limited and user must be made aware of excessive NMS traffic load.


The major benefits of SkyNMS are:

  • Replacement of third party tools by own software developments, thereby eliminating license fees,

  • Single platform managing a large variety of different network components (ND SatCom and third party) providing:

    • Synergies and reduced network operator costs

    • Same GUI with identical look and feel for all kinds of applications

  • Network oriented view with central logging. Graphs available for group of stations or complete network,

  • Dynamically requested network topology information can be used in configuration applications for ND SatCom products,

  • Easy installation routines,

  • Easy extensions and software upgrade,

  • Can be easily adapted to foreign languages e.g. Chinese, Arabian,

  • Seamless integration of M&C in SkyNMS GUI,

  • Remote control: use JAVA or HTML technology depending on applications,

  • Customer can integrate any SNMP based equipment by loading MIB files.


    SkyNMS integrates all management applications that are required to manage a multi-product network. The operator can manage all his SNMP based network components with ND SatCom product specific applications and also 3rd party management applications.

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    SkyNMS combines all logs accessible from the various applications and subsystems into a global network wide log. Logging information can be imported on request to enhance the central log and event history.

    Utilities for network wide graphing and threshold surveillance are included.

    All applications will support multi-language support.


    The complete project is subdivided into the following parts:

    1. SkyNMS Basic Applications

    2. SkyNMS Specific Applications

    3. SkyNMS SkyARCS Specific Applications

    4. Monitor & Control

    5. RCU Specific Applications

    6. HPA Specific Applications
    SkyNMS Basic Applications form the umbrella for all other parts defining a unique GUI. Each of those parts are self contained and developed independent from each other.

    Current status

    Final Review

    Status date

    Saturday, December 10, 2011 - 13:25