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Service Quality Assessment for Ka-Band Satellite Personal Communications


Certain future Ka-band satellite systems will also enable communication with very small user antennas, putting into reach a quasi-mobile reception. The objective of this activity is to carry out a comprehensive measurement campaign at Ka-band in quasi-mobile conditions. The simulation of a non-GEO source will be done by the use of an airborne transmitter. The existing ESA propagation van may be used as receiver terminal, whereby a new tracking system for the antenna would have to be installed. A comprehensive analysis of the results will be performed with a view to assessing the service quality of future Ka-band personal communication.




Enable European industry to compete in the market for future generation multimedia satellite systems using Ka-band.





As achievement of this activity is a module which will allow the final user to quantify the quality of a telecommunication system in relation to the propagation characteristics. The module can also be submitted to ITU. This activity has been divided into a main activity, awarded in 1998, and two separate riders to cover the goals outlined on the SoW.

Current status


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Monday, August 13, 2012 - 14:03