European Space Agency

SDR App Store - Lime Microsystems SDR Mini for use in satellite communications


The SDR App Store is an initiative to stimulate the take-up of experimentation with the Lime SDR boards in the area of satellite communications. The activity has manufactured a number of Lime SDR boards which were ESA-branded and distributed them to a large number of interested parties.

In addition, a framework was created that could easily host newly developed applications (“SDR Apps”). This framework was developed in collaboration with Ubuntu Canonical and acts as an App Store for future applications using the Lime SDR boards.


The Lime SDR App Store activity addressed the need for flexibility in satellite communications.


Lime has established establish an ecosystem that will stimulate the use of Lime SDR boards for satellite communication applications. The following summary highlights the works undertaken to make this a reality.


The flexible Lime SDR Mini board is currently used in many satellite communications projects, and is complemented by the SDR App Store.


The Lime SDR App Store has consulted many parties which are involved in testbeds and prototyping using SDR radio, and used these requirements to shape the SDR App Store. After reaching out to this audience a number of SDR boards have been distributed, and in return the SDR-enabled SDR applications have been submitted to the SDR App Store.

Current status

The project was kicked-off 2019 and is currently finalising its open call framework and preparing to launch the first round of open calls in May 2019.

Status date

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 - 12:56