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Roadmap Techno 5G - Quantifying reconfiguration and flexibility requirements for satellite payloads operating within the 5G environment


The focus of this activity is :

  • to identify the most relevant 5G scenarios 
  • to analyse and quantify the level/type of flexibility needed in next-generation satellites, where satellites could play a relevant role
  • to address the possible technologies / topologies / concepts answering those needs and evaluate their relevance for a commercial business case.
  • to allow the definition of precise development roadmaps and to recommend:
    • the development of a new system of concepts for the next generation of "5G compatible" satellites;
    • that new technologies be developed in this respect;
    • that future 5G standard requirements ensure the location of a satellite component in its architecture.


Defining the future 5G systems from User Cases selection (LEO or GEO satellites, selecting the appropriate  data rate for each terminal)

Devising the concepts and satellite equipment necessary to support a 5G environment.

System Architecture

Three  system architectures supporting 5G requirements are analysed in the frame of this project :



The project is divided into 4 major activities:

  • 5G User Cases analysis
  • 5G System architecture analysis
  • Payload architecture analysis for 5G Systems
  • On board equipment technologies roadmap

 The table below presents the milestones of the project.

To : 09/07/2018

Current status

The 5G User Cases have been analysed and the most relevant scenarios have been defined.

The analysis of the 3 system architectures is ongoing to determine the payload and on board needs.

Status date

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 12:15