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Review of Iris ATN/IPS and feedback to standardisation fora


The objective of this activity is to compile ambiguities, potential improvements and recommendations to ICAO ATN/IPS standards, and disseminate them to relevant standardisation fora. The outcome of this activity shall be presented to ESA as a Technical Note (TN) and to standardisation for a as a working paper. 


Even though the analysis is based on the outputs and gained experienced during the implementation of the ANTARES project, the recommendations must be formulated in a generic fashion regardless of the specific ANTARES implementation.


Useful contribution to the ICAO ATN/IPS Doc. 9896 and EUROCAE WG-67 and /or WG-82

Actual use in upcoming programme “Iris service evolution study” as valuable input particularly to work package “Standardisation”


The project focuses on the following topics relevant for the ATN/IPS standards and protocols:

  • Transport Layer Protocol Selection and Configuration
  • Network Layer Mobility Protocols
  • Address Auto-configuration DAD Timers
  • L2 Address Resolution from L3 Addresses
  • Voice Service Provision
  • IPv6 Header Compression
  • QoS Provision
  • Security Mechanisms


A comprehensive review and analysis of documents, specifications and reports of Iris/ANTARES project, COCRv2 and relevant IETF RFCs will identify the set of the topics for the Technical Note (TN).

The ICAO Doc. 9896 will be examined against each identified topic, with an objective to identify issues that are not covered or ambiguously covered.

The final output of the activity will be presented in a Technical Note (TN). A special draft of TN prepared as a technical paper will be submitted to the standardisation authorities ICAO and EUROCAE.

Current status

The Technical Note (TN) has been produced and delivered.

Four (4) ICAO working papers has been produced and submitted to Eurocontrol on the following topics:

  • Network layer mobility
  • General Address Resolution and DAD procedure
  • QoS
  • Voice, Security and ROHC

The working paper on network layer mobility has been successfully presented at ICAO panel WGI.

Status date

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 08:03