European Space Agency

Q100W 100W Q/V-Band Travelling Wave Tube


The objective of the project is to identify and select technologies for a Q-Band tube capable of the frequency, bandwidth as well as high output power. After selection of the technology first evaluation will be done to ensure that the right technologies were chosen. It will also be evaluated whether the components could be manufactured. Afterwards the design phase for a first Breadboard starts. Finally the Breadboard will be manufactured and tested. This will give the final judgement whether a Q-Band with 100W output power is feasible.

Aspects like thermal capability or the right high voltage cable are too early to be addressed and are not part of this project


High frequency results in low dimensions with high accuracy for manufacturing.


For satellite communication the Ku- and Ka-Band is nearly fully used. Q-Band is needed to increase the communication capability, either new applications or simply higher data rate


  • Output power: 100W
  • Frequency: Q-Band
  • Bandwidth 2 GHz

Conduction cooled


Phase 1: Technology definition with milestone PTDR

Phase 2: Technology evaluation ending with milestone PTER

Phase 3: Preliminary Design for a 1st BB, ending with milestone PDR

Phase 4: Manufacturing and Testing a BB, ending with the final review of the contract

Current status

The project is closed successfully.

Status date

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 11:42