European Space Agency

Pre-distorted C & Ku Band IMUX - C & Ku Band IMUX Competitiveness: Development & Qualification of Input Multiplexer using Pre-Distortion Techniques


The main objective of TAS-E was to validate predistortion techniques into Ku and C band channels.


Main challenges are to keep the desired equivalent unloaded Q of resonators with less performant resonant technologies.


Lower mass, dimensions and costs keeping state of the art electrical performances.


Typical Performances

Transfer function:

10 pole pseudo elliptic with 4 transmission zeroes and 4 equalization zeroes.

Filter Equivalent Unloaded Q:

> 9000 (C Band)   > 12000 (Ku Band)

Effective Linear Frequency Drift (ELFD):

<1 ppm/°C

Qualified environmental ranges

Temperature Range (operational):

-25°C to +70°C 

Vibration levels:

> 28.8 g rms (all axes)

Shock levels :

> 4200 gsrs

System Architecture




After a first design phase focused in the development of pre-distorterd filters designs for C and Ku Band, a second phase of manufacturing, integration and qualification testing of a representative EQM will be carried out.

Current status

All the milestones of the project have been completed, EQMs have been successfully manufactured and qualified. The new developed products are being introduced in commercial programs.

Status date

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 09:22