European Space Agency

PCDU for Satcom Constellation


The activities concern the design, development and qualification of a PCDU (Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit), using an EQM Model, that is optimized for satellites dedicated to the SATCOM constellation market for which an unregulated 22V/38V bus has been selected (best compromise between needed power and cost).


The main issue addressed is to perform technical and economic trade-off, focusing on the low cost target.


The qualification of the PCDU for Satcom Constellation will allow TAS-ETCA to bring the electrical developments to a level where the design can be confidently validated at IRIDIUM Next system level.


The PCDU architecture is based on the following guidelines:

  • Priority on the competitiveness efforts: COST and MASS.
  • Use of mature or low risk technologies/solutions (meaning possibility to implement in short term).
  • Covering of IRIDIUM NEXT PCDU performances.


Project plan consists in the following main activities:

  • Design of all PCDU circuits.
  • Complete development of the equipment including the issue of all documents, drawings, and procedures necessary for the manufacturing and test workshops.
  • Procurement of all materials and components necessary for the manufacturing of a PCDU EQM model.
  • Manufacturing and testing of the EQM.
  • Design, development and realization of all manufacturing and test tools, including the ATE for PCDU qualification and acceptance tests.

Current status

  • The project started in May 2011.
  • The design and development has been concluded for PCDU and for test tools including ATE which are now validated and available.
  • The PCDU EQM MRR was successfully held on 19 Sept 2012.
  • The PCDU EQM TRR was successfully held on 07 Dec 2012.
  • The PCDU EQM qualification is in progress and will be concluded shortly.
  • EQM QR & FR are foreseen in March 2013.


Status date

Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 12:15