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PACO_ Payload competitiveness improvement plan for the payload core markets


The objective is to analyse, in terms of competitiveness aspects, the payload and associated products for several mission scenarios representative of core missions, and to identify key areas to be improved at payload level.

Possible improvement solutions are assessed both in terms of technical definition and potential competitiveness impact. All areas of competitiveness identified are reviewed and solution sheets are raised providing associated saving quotation, synthetized per mission and domain.

Most promising solutions are selected and road maps are proposed with associated budget and possible funding lines.


Development of new generation of units is the key point for competitiveness.

Use of COTS shall be fully considered as a way to further reduce cost.

Actions within AIT domain even if less valuable are more easily reachable (lower NR cost) and will benefit to all types of payloads.

Finally, organisation and development plan can be improved to avoid waste of energy on non-added values tasks.


The study provides a set of possible solutions for competitiveness improvement on various aspects of the payload: hardware aspect ( unit and antenna) but also IAT and organisation aspects.

Assuming available funding, improvement up to 30% on hardware and 10% on other aspects are at reach.


This study is run by several entities from Thales Alenia Space in order to get different perspective and inputs. In addition SES involvement is beneficial to review proposed solutions and assess acceptability.  

Current status

The Project is completed.

Status date

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 11:00