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Metal Hydride and Heat Storage System Study


The objective of the project is to design, manufacture and set up a Technology Demonstrator of the Metal Hydride Hydrogen and Heat Storage System, and demonstrate the functional performance and evaluate the long term performance. In parallel, a system study shall investigate the impact on mass and volume by introducing this novel technology into the RFCS.


The main challenge of the project is the selection of the solid state material to store hydrogen. 


By developing this technology it is expected that a significant mass and volume saving will be gained. The mass savings will be realised by reducing the need of large area radiators and heavy heat exchangers, while the volume savings will be realised by reducing the volume of the hydrogen storage tanks.


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System Architecture

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After selection of a core material, the reactor was designed, manufactured and tested.

Current status


Status date

Monday, May 20, 2019 - 08:09