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Media Fleet Manager


The objective of this project is the development of the “Media Fleet Manager”, a system for the booking and managing of DVB-S / DVB-S2 transmissions for fix or mobile TV-uplink stations.


Key elements of the solution are:

  • User friendliness,
  • The consistency between client and server database information has to be ensured,
  • The client – server communication has to be secured,
  • Operational scenarios have to be fail-safe and backed by fall-back mechanisms.


The major benefits of the Media Fleet Manager are:

  • Secure operation by consistency of booking,
  • Flexibility in booking scenarios,
  • Graphical user interface with user guidance,
  • Includes diversity of DVB / MPEG / IP links,
  • Detailed profiles for transmissions, devices, use cases,
  • Provides monitoring and status information,
  • Additional useful information (geografical, weather),
  • Less skills necessary for line-up and commissioning.



The transmission scheduler is supported by a user-friendly graphical operator interface which gives him an overview of all planned transmissions for an SNG.

The booking system communicates with the Car Manager, the control system in the SNG via SkyWAN and forwards all outstanding uplink requests to the car as soon as it arrives on site.

The journalist is automatically informed about the bookings, and the SNG equipment is automatically controlled by the Car Manager software system.

The Media Fleet Manager communicates with the Car Manager and exchanges requests and status feedback.

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The project is currently in the design phase. It will reach the Final Review at the end of 2009.

Current status

The project has been completed.



Status date

Saturday, December 10, 2011 - 13:17