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Measurement and assessment of second order statistics of Ka band SatCom systems in tropical regions


 - Improve the characterisation of the radio channel modelling and ground system requirements for the development of a Ka band SatCom systems covering tropical regions.

- Assess the accuracy of current prediction models with particular regard to statistical distribution of rain and cloud attenuation.

- Improve the statistical models for the parameters describing: signal fade slope, signal fade duration and gain of site and time diversity techniques.

- New models and input data shall be used as input documents to radio regulatory bodies (e.g. ITU-R).


To fill the need of real propagation figures and ITU standards for the design of broadband satellite communication systems for market regions with tropical climates (Brazil, Africa, India, Indonesia and Oceania).


Ka band multi-beam spatial systems have an emerging market in tropical regions.

The outcome of the activity will be an assessment of the accuracy of current prediction models (in particular for rain and cloud attenuation) and statistics of system design parameters like: fade slope, fade duration and site and time diversity gain. The experimental results shall be submitted to radio regulatory bodies (e.g. ITU-R) for standardisation of models.


 Main station plus remote beacon receiver site diversity station.

In addition to the beacon receiver the following datasets will be available:
- Meteorological measurements
- Disdrometer data (Main station)
- Radiosonde data
- Weather radar data
- Satellite data (TBC)
Figure 1 - Experimental Sites Location


This activity will perform an experimental campaign to collect propagation measurements at Ka band. The campaign will last 1 year and will include beacon receivers and auxiliary equipment over 2 sites.
The activity is structured in the following phases:
- Design of the Instrumentation and planification of the Experimental Campaign
- Instrumentation development, manufacturing and testing. Site preparation and on site tests
- Measurement campaign
- Statistical analysis

Current status

Instrumentation development, manufacturing and testing. Site preparation and on site tests.

Status date

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 08:03