European Space Agency

LPGAN -Low Power Global Area Network


Magnitude Space aims to build and launch its own small satellite network to collect small data packages from sensors and locations devices in rural areas, where there is currently no (internet) connectivity. 


This service is provided at a fraction of the cost compared to existing satellite IoT services.


Global coverage enables a worldwide service level, starting already from our initial satellite


The majority of applications require message intervals between once a day and once per hour. Only a minority of the customers will demand a message frequency at or below 15 minutes.

System Architecture

The customer can choose between two subscription types: tracking and/or monitoring. With tracking, the customer will receive a unique message ID, time stamp and location from the asset he is tracking. With a monitoring subscription, the customer will get the same information as with tracking, plus an additional 1.4kb of sensor related data. The chain of the data package looks as depicted in the figure below.

Current status

The system design review has taken place. The project is extended with software simulation and further design research.

Status date

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 11:09