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K/Ka-Band CP OMT for Complete Band Suitable for Multibeam Applications


The goal was to design, manufacture and qualify an EQ model for a circularly polarized OMT for complete K/Ka-Band (TX: 17.7-20.2GHz & RX: 27.0 – 30.0 GHz).

The activity envisaged the following aspects:

  • Electrical, and thermomechanical analyses based on the typical requirements for this type of product.
  • A detailed view of the manufacturing aspects, since a large number of units is usually required for this type of element.
  • Manufacturing and qualification test campaign, covering all the necessary tests to confirm the needed functionality.


From electrical point of view, the main challenge was to offer a unit able to cover the complete K/Ka-Band. The compliance against this requirement implied that the OMT would be suitable for all payloads configurations, especially those with part of their payload dedicated for multibeam services. Then, a design which allowed a very compact size in diameter, with an easy manufacturing aiming for a large number of units, was also a necessity.


Nowadays there is an increase in the use of higher frequency bands (Ka-Band) due to the expansion of the average bandwidth available on a Comsat. More than 40% of communication satellites use Ka-Band and the use of multibeam applications is increasing.

Ka Band applications are the most promising sector in the satellite market due to the bigger availability of slots and the capacity in terms of wideband. Furthermore, multibeam application where a big number of antennas (>100) provide internet connection is expected to have a big increase. This application is limited by the diameter of the feeder, so developing a compact standard feeder will mean a significant business advantage.

Ka-Band Feed is considered strategic equipment by primes because of market's tendency, and has a high probability of success.

By means of these OMT, and having in mind that it is covering the complete Ka-Band, TRYO Aerospace (previously, RYMSA Espacio) will be able to offer it for all Ka-Band payloads focused in multibeam services.


The design is based on a 6 Port Junction that diplex the TX and RX signals. This configuration allows a compact size and a simple routing, with different networks to provide the TX and RX circular signals.


A first stage to refine the typical requirements from our target customers, in order to issue a dedicated specification.

Then, a second stage to design the equipment, electrically and from the thermomechanical point of view.

Then, as a result of a successful CDR meeting, the equipment was manufactured.

Finally, the manufactured item, an EQM, was submitted to a qualification test campaign.

Current status

The complete test campaign was successfully completed.

Status date

Monday, November 27, 2017 - 10:31