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KHARE - Ka band RF HARness Enhancement


View of the Ka Band harness of a multispot payload



RF harness for Ka-band multiple beams payload:

  -  Very high level of complexity

  -  30% of total payload mass

  -  Up to 20% of payload cost. 

Changes are mandatory regarding WG manufacturing , control and support due to the size decrease in Ka band.


To evaluates or qualify new technologies or parts used in RF harness. 

These new technologies or parts have to cope with many constraints 

These new technologies or parts are in competition with very long heritage current ones.


Ka band RF harness achievements: 

  • RF harness mass saving by 17%.
  • Increase of waveguide temperature operating range.

  • Decrease of waveguide rejection at incoming inspection.

  • Wage guide surface treatment survey.
  • Evaluation of Push On connectors.

  • Qualification of an European source supplier for 32GHz coaxial cable assembly.
  • Improvement of Ka band attenuators RF performances.
  • Survey of power couplers and combiners.Trade off according used technologies in Ka Band.


  1. To optimize waveguide attachment system for Ka band,
  2. To improve wave guide materials, processes and acceptance criterions,
  3. To improve coaxial assemblies and parts procurement.


The KHARE activities are organized as follows:

Current status

Study completed.

Status date

Monday, December 15, 2014 - 16:23