European Space Agency

High Voltage Insulation Technology


The objective of the activity is to identify and evaluate new materials and technologies, preferably ITAR-free, suitable for flight-quality high-voltage designs typically used within the electronic power conditioner of a travelling wave tube amplifier.

While this activity is focused on the HV-transformer the work encompasses the investigation into all relevant associated technologies and materials, assuring that the influence of one technology to another is taken into account.


 The key issues addressed in the project are:

  • 15 kV operating voltage
  • Identifying cost and mass drivers for existing HV-modules and the changes due to new materials and processes
  •  Defining material and technology samples and prove their applicability
  • Processing of new materials
  • Life test procedure to prove the design


 Mass and Cost reduction in combination with the possibility of high level voltages up to 15kV for future EPC- and TWTA-Designs respectively with new materials and technologies


High Voltage Insulation technology and materials for EPC applications with a low weight and low cost factor.


The first phase of this activity comprises a study of a number of different materials and technologies to improve size and weight of high voltage applications. Selected material samples are then tested and characterized with the intention to find future innovative and enabling technologies and materials possibly suitable for flight equipment. In a second phase selected materials shall be implemented into their application, a representative high voltage module. A complete test campaign including environmental tests is to be performed for validation.

Current status

 The High Voltage Insulation Technology Project is completed. Two potting materials were further evaluated in environmental and life tests of a representative HV-module. 

Most significant achievements:

  • New potting material for HV-modules with better properties than standard material in use
  • Reduction in costs
  • Life test procedure
  • First iteration of key elements for future Q- and V-band applications

Status date

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 11:21