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Generic Sub-elements and Ka-band LNA Development


The objective of the Generic Sub-elements and Ka-Band LNA development is to complement with Ka-band equipment and to further strengthen RUAG Space Compact Converters and Receivers.

  • Extended product portfolio by access to sub-elements for new equipment versions.
  • Cost reduction achieved by an improved Manufacturability combined with reproducible high performance.

A stand-alone LNA for the Ka-band, possibly configured as a LNA pack with a number of amplification channels, is a product that is often requested by our converters and receivers customers and which is currently missing in the RUAG Space portfolio. Such product will be MMIC based, with an in-house manufactured hybrid.

An objective on a longer planning horizon is a “Super-Compact” version of our Converter and Receiver, enabled by the reduction in mass and size that comes from the higher integration level. 


To design a Ka-band LNA Unit and sub-elements for C- and Ku-band with electrical performance and Mass, such that they are attractive for our Customers on the Telecom Market.


Extension of RUAG Space AB product portfolio with Ka-band LNA:s and to improve Manufacturability on the existing C- and Ku-band products.

To prepare for future development of the next generation of Compact Converters/Receivers with higher integration level and lower cost.


Ka-band LNA Unit with “state of the art” noise figure performance.

All MMIC based design for Manufacturability in large numbers.

For C-and Ku-band hybrids, improved Manufacturability and cost due to use of custom designed MMICs in all Sub-elements.

Custom designed MMIC Based Output Amplifier hybrids for C- and Ku-band with improved Output Power Intercept point and improved Manufacturability.


An EM Unit for the Ka-band LNA including a secondary power board has been developed in this programme. Next phase for this development is an ARTES ¾ programme for Qualification of this Unit and also a unit including primary Power Converter.

The MMIC based sub-elements developed during this contract will be further industrialized and prepared for use in FM programmes.

Current status

A Ka-band LNA EM unit has been successfully developed and tested.

The specified Sub-elements has been developed and Tested including new designs for MMICs. All Sub-element hybrids are ready for further industrialization and use in future FM Programmes

All included Work Packages have been Completed and Reported.

Status date

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 08:35