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Eurostar 3000 Structure Enhancement


E3000LX is the stretching of the E3000 platform belonging to the Eurostar family of satellites produced by EADS Astrium.

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The E3000LX has been designed for a launch mass up to 6.4 tons and a payload power range up to 12kW and a maximum payload capacity of 1200kg. The structure can also carry a mixture of multiple or large antennas and is expected to have a manoeuvre lifeexpectancy of 15 years.


The key issue of the E3000 structure enhancement is to embed the increase in length of the propellant tanks with minimum impact at structure level while staying within the qualification envelop of the generic Eurostar platform as demonstrated through the STM qualification.


Key main expected benefit is to be able to accommodate large propellant tank for heavy missions without the need to use Electric propulsion onboard.


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The E3000LX will be produced using the Generic design created by Astrium. However the propellant capacity has been augmented by over 18% compared to the basic E3000 configuration. It will lead to a longer life and to a larger structure but still within the constraints of the launch vehicles.


The E3000 enhanced structure project development completion (qualification) is expected in 2004, following testing of PFM (Proto-Flight Model) Hardware. The program is currently proceeding in accordance with the Phase 1 scope of work only.

Phase 1 comprises all the activities necessary to: redesign, requalify, retool and prepare manufacture of the E3000 structure for a larger propellant tank capacity (up from 2450kg to 2900kg).

Current status

Kick Off held in January 2003
BDR successfully held in May 2003
MTR planned for April 2004
Final Review foreseen in 2004 Following testing of PFM (Proto-Flight Model) Hardware.

The programme of work has been progressing through 2004 in the various areas of Engineering:

Tooling for Structure Build
The structure build Jigs programme has advanced significantly, and some of the new Jigs (and Modifications) are now available. The SM (Service Module) Level 1 Jig has been commissioned, with the modified SM Level 2/3 Jig in build -to be ready for use in April 2004.

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Design and Analysis
Effort is continuing with the detailed analysis and design changes associated with the LX Phase 1 configuration S/C. Most of the static analysis is now complete, dynamic analysis is under way. Preparations are being made for the MTR review, at which the main structural changes will be presented and reviewed.
Other system changes (CPS/thermal/harness) impacted by the structure geometry changes have yet to be designed.

Test Rig Modifications
Design changes (with associated procurement of some parts from suppliers) to adapt the existing SM Level 1 and Tank support structure test Rigs has started in preparation for testing a PFM structure in 2004.

Tank Support Strut Development Programme
The performance of the propellant tanks support struts is subject to a specific improvement programme to increase the strength performance of the struts. The programme has had to be expanded to include an additional set of development struts before advancing to the qualification part of the plan; two struts are in manufacture with testing planned in the next few weeks.
Following these tests the qualification struts will be manufactured and tested.

Status date

Friday, April 4, 2008 - 15:02