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Converters Receivers Evolution Programme Follow-on


Frequency converters and receivers are important products for RUAG Aerospace Sweden and it is essential that all functions fulfil high requirements and allow efficient production. A modular design concept for C- and Ku-band operation has been established during the 90'ties and converters/receivers from this generation are delivered or presently under manufacturing for several commercial programmes.

To meet the future demands on equipment with state of the art performance as well as small size and low mass a new generation converters and receivers has to be developed. To fulfil the increased need for short delivery time, low cost and improved electrical performance, improvements are essential. This new generation of frequency converters and receivers for telecom- and multimedia satellites shall fulfil the performance requirements imposed by the system requirement for present and coming applications. It shall also be designed for efficient manufacturing and testing, small size and low cost.


The development will be concentrated to a large extent on hybrid design using multi-layer technologies (LTCC) and MMIC design.

Key issues:

  • Excellent performance
  • High Frequency and Gain Stability
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Excellent Spectrum Purity
  • Low mass
  • Small size


The program will keep RUAG Aerospace Sweden competitive both in Europe and US in the product area Converters and Receivers.


The proposed CREP Follow-On programme takes on after the original CREP programme with the ambition to cover important remaining action needed for efficient flight production and for providing a more complete equipment family.

The original CREP programme contains the establishing of equipment requirements and a modular design concept for a new generation of converters and receivers on C-band and Ku-band.

In this proposed CREP Follow-On programme, the following qualified products will be provided: 18/12 GHz Receiver and14/12 GHz Converter.


The proposed work is based on the development work and experience from RUAG Aerospace Sweden's first generation of generic converters and receivers. It is also a continuation of the development of a second generation which has started with the HiLo and HiCo Programmes (ARTES 5 and 4) for the development of a highly integrated local oscillator and Ku-band converter, followed up by the Converters Receivers Evolution Programme.

BDR June 2006
MTR 19 Dec 2006
Final Review June 2009
Final Report June 2009

Current status

The EQM manufacturing of the 18/12 GHz Receiver has been finalised.

The 14/12 GHz Converter has been manufactured. Tests with different crystals have been finalised.

Hybrid (three types) evaluations were performed.

Detailed design and corresponding analyses of a future 6/12 GHz Cross Converter has been performed.

Status date

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - 13:33