European Space Agency

C-Band ISO/HEMI Coverage Antennas


The objective of this activity is to develop a set of C-band TTC and Feeder Link antennas with ISO / Hemi coverage.

The feed link antenna is aimed to be part of the communication system on-board a Geomobile satellite. It is normally complemented by forward and aft oriented omni coverage antennas for TTC use operating at the same frequency bands.


Development of C-band TTC and Feeder Link antennas and Qualification Test of these.


Low cost feed link and TTC antennas for Geomobile application.




BDR 14 February 2008
MTR 28 April 2008
Final Review 3 September 2008
Final Report 19 December 2008


Current status

Final Achievements

The following antenna models will be used during the study program: Deliverables:

1 EQM Rx Feeder Link Antenna
1 EQM Rx Telecommand Antenna
1 EQM Tx Telemetry

Status date

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 - 13:45