European Space Agency

AUTSS - Autonomous Satellite Solutions


Develop and maintain the AUTSS platform, an incubator and accelerator for AI technologies in the Space industry.

Use the AUTSS Platform to investigate three initial machine learning use cases with our partner organisations.

  • Investigate the use of deep learning and convLSTM in patterns of life demand prediction for aerospace/maritime satcoms demand planning.
  • Investigate baysian networks to improve channel capacity by optimising the receiver chain.
  • Investigate using Principle Component analysis in combination with Cluster analysis using Mahalanobis distance to build an event classifier for common mission control systems.


Machine learning technologies are cutting-edge technologies, their applications and behaviours are not always well understood or documented.

Capabilities others might consider to be ‘the hard stuff’ (big data, DevOps, automation) are just the simple prerequisites for leveraging AI technologies. 


AUTSS will provide intuitive and de-mystified access to machine learning technologies for small and medium size enterprises in the Space industry.

Partner organisations will be able to quickly and cheaply assess the viability of leveraging AI for a particular use case and, where viable, to seamlessly industrialise a prototype as a delivered product using Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) methodology.


AUTSS offers an on-premises computing platform dedicated to data science activities with an industry-leading security design and strong operational controls from inception.

The AUTSS platform is portable can be deployed to the cloud or on your own premise to suit all business needs.

Leveraging CGI’s long history in the Space and Satcoms industries allows AUTSS to provide industry-specific tooling, assets and knowledge that is not available from large generic vendors. Bespoke machine-learning tooling is designed from the ground up for the challenges of the space industry. 

System Architecture

The AUTSS platform is a bespoke data science environment built on powerful NVidia Tesla GPUs in our secure facility in Leatherhead, UK. AUTSS draws on a co-located data lake of reusable open source assets with secure and compartmentalised storage for sensitive data.

AUTSS has the capacity to access cloud services and is fully portable depending on customer needs; it can interface directly to partner organisations to access data pipelines where necessary. These external surfaces are protected by CGI’s SecOps Cyber Security service.

The AUTSS platform itself is built on MLaaS principles and has the capability to support model training from conception through industrialisation and operationalise into service use.

AUTSS also offers portability features to allow a partner organisation to integrate a machine learning model in-house with minimum fuss after initial prototyping has completed successfully.


AUTSS will initiate with a three-month Definition Phase which will develop the initial requirements and architecture concept for the platform and develop three preliminary use cases which will be the first to leverage the platforms incubation and acceleration tooling.9

AUTSS will then continue into a seven-month long technology phase where the platform will be constructed and used to complete the prototyping of three use cases for our partner organisations.

Current status

AUTSS has just kicked off and is initiating the Definition Phase to capture all platform requirements and to fully define each of it’s initial use case investigations. 

Status date

Friday, October 9, 2020 - 07:37