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Artes Megaconstellations - ARTES Megaconstellations


Within the ARTES Megaconstellation Project, processes for manufacturing Multi-layer insulations for high-volume projects were developed and improved.
The analysis of the existing process drew up the following sub-processes to carrying the main potentials for improvement:

  • blanket cutting
  • dispensing and positioning of additional items
  • inspection process
  • packing of blankets


Analysing possible cutting techniques of foils and layup packages with regard to applicability, costs AND a fast introduction of the chosen processes are crucial for efficient serial production.


With the introduction of new and improved processes for mass production, the well-known quality of RUAG MLI can be maintained without any negative effect on cost or time. The full potential of serial production can be taken advantage of.


  • analysis of current process and identification of main improvementpotentials
  • feasibility studies of various concepts and techniques, design analysisof tools
  • development of chosen concepts and techniques, construction oftools
  • test phase (handling, time consumption, practivability)
  • final decision for application or rejectionCurrent

Current status

The processes for blanket cutting, positioning, inspection and packing have been developed and improved from feasibility study to operational and are currently being used for manufacturing of the first ship sets of OneWeb MLI.

Project is Completed.

Status date

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 21:59