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According to the maturity of your project and the space assets it is designed to use, several calls for proposals are available to you, as presented hereunder. Moreover, ESA has negotiated agreements with European satellite operators to facilitate ARTES Applications projects accessing satcom capacity.

Entry points for proposals within ARTES Applications programmes

If you need help deciding which ARTES Applications programme is best suited for your proposal, feel free to contact
artes-apps@esa.int with a short description of your concept and its maturity, in order to get feedback and guidance on how to proceed.

Intended Tender
Kick-start Activity: Ageing Population

This Kick-start Activity is dedicated to ideas for services which address the ageing population as a whole, local authorities, carers, the (national) health and social care system, residential homes, technology and service providers and other relevant stakeholders in this sector.

Feasibility Study: Integrated Applications for Microgrids in Developing Economies

In collaboration with IESA, ESA supports feasibility studies that identify and explore business opportunities for deploying services based on Satellite Communications, Earth Observation data, and/or other space assets which facilitate the decentralised management of microgrids in India and other developing countries.

Invitation to Tender
Feasibility Study: Novel Internet Of Things Services Using Space Capabilities
Closing date: 13 April 2017

ESA has launched an opportunity to offer funding and support to companies for the business case assessment and development of new space enabled Internet of things (IoT) services that target relevant customer needs.

Kick-start Activity: Automated Road Transport
Closing date: 24 April 2017

This Kick-start Activity is open to ideas for services adressing local authorities, infrastructure/road operators, public transport operators, logistics companies, private drivers, fleet operators and other relevant stakeholders in this sector. Exploitation of space-based data and technology is key for the proposed Kick-start Activity them.


Call for Proposals (ARTES SATCOM-APPS)
ARTES Entry (SMEs only)
Closing date: Continuously open

ESA offers an exciting opportunity for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) entering into the field of satellite communications with the ARTES Entry Initiative. This initiative is designed to support SMBs through the stages of research and development for the satcom market.

Study Activities
Closing date: Continuously open

ARTES SATCOM-APPS offers the possibility through Study activities to perform preparatory work as a means to consolidate the technical specifications and the technical baseline and to identify technical risks before entering into the development of a product.

Satcom Applications Projects
Closing date: Continuously open

The ARTES Satcom Applications (SATCOM-APPS) aims to support design, development and demonstration activities of system and services making use of satellite telecommunications. The scope of the development can be any hardware, software, service or application item aligned with industry plans for future exploitation.

Call for Proposals (ARTES IAP)
Fast Track Feasibility Studies
Closing date: Continuously open

Compared to regular IAP Feasibility Studies, the ESA funding is limited to 50 kEuro, the duration should not exceed 6 months, and the content is expected to be focussed on a few specific, but critical elements of a regular Feasibility Study.

Demonstration Projects
Closing date: Continuously open

The output of ARTES IAP Demonstration Projects shall be a pre-operational service responding to well identified user needs and requirements and should show a clear potential to become sustainable at the conclusion of the project with ESA.

Feasibility Studies
Closing date: Continuously open

Feasibility Studies provide the preparatory framework to identify, analyse and define new potentially sustainable applications and services within the ARTES IAP programme.