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  • Data-relay satellite ready for service

    The second node in the most sophisticated laser communication network ever designed is ready to go into service.

  • New Partnership Project boosts European competitiveness

    A fully reconfigurable, software-defined, standardised satellite for the commercial telecommunications market is under development, as an ESA Partnership Project.

  • Ultrasound for space offers remote diagnosis to patients on Earth

    Radiologists are investigating people’s medical conditions and pregnancies remotely thanks to an ESA-backed robotic technology. The set-up enables medics to care for some patients at a distance during the coronavirus pandemic. The system is already being used by rural hospitals, care homes and prisons across Europe and in Canada to investigate cardiac, abdominal, pelvic and urinary tract conditions.

  • Game changing device for spacecraft thermal control on the horizon

    The new Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus DS) Eurostar Neo satellite product line offers one of the largest communications payload capacity on the world market. The amount of thermal dissipation created by such large communication payloads requires innovative thermal control solutions, such as the East-West-Radiator system (EWRs). The Eurostar Neo EWRs will be based on a revolutionary EHD pump developed by APR Technologies (Sweden), under the technical lead of Airbus DS, in the frame of ESA’s Neosat Partnership Project.

  • Social distancing app uses space to save lives

    A free app that helps people observe social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus is about to launch.

  • Solar-powered hand sanitiser wins ESA-backed hackathon

    A start-up company that has repurposed upcycled solar cells to generate ultraviolet light to disinfect people’s hands has won €20 000 in a hackathon designed to share and rapidly develop ideas to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Satellites map the global flow of oil

    Demand for oil has collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic just as supply is about to strengthen because of a dispute between Russia and Saudi Arabia. As a result, oil prices have sunk to levels not seen since 2002.

  • New Command and Data Management Unit from Airbus Defence & Space ready for flight

    Under ESA’s Neosat Partnership Project, Airbus Defence and Space has developed and qualified a new Command and Data Management Unit (CDMU), covering the needs for the full Eurostar Neo platform product range and potential platform derivatives. With the successful qualification of this key spacecraft unit, ESA Telecoms’ Partnership Projects demonstrates its ability to federate industry around large scale programmes to improve competitiveness.

  • UK launches space-based response to Covid-19 pandemic

    Some £2.6 million to develop space-enabled technology and services that can strengthen the NHS’s response to coronavirus has been launched today by the UK Space Agency in collaboration with ESA.

  • Opportunity: Pooling and Sharing Interfaces Definition

    Our society and economy are increasingly dependent on secure telecommunications networks. These networks are required for the secure operation of critical infrastructures, governmental services or in transport.