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  • Coming together

    On 28 February 2019, Thales Alenia Space united the service and payload modules of the first Spacebus Neo satellite, KONNECT, a high throughput satellite ordered by Eutelsat.

  • Iris System Takes first flight

    17 July 2018 - Europe is one step closer to a safer, cleaner sky, as the Iris aviation satcom system completes its first set of test flights. 

  • Iris for Aviation

    Iris will relieve pressure on terrestrial communication channels by supplementing them with digital text for position reports, clearances and runway conditions, sent and received between pilots and ATC by satellites to terminals in the cockpit and the flight control facility.

  • Space tech poised to make air travel greener & more efficient

    13 Mar 2019 - Several national air traffic control organisations have agreed to trial the commercial system, including those of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

  • ESA helps firms large and small prosper in global Satcom Market

    Hundreds of space companies in Europe and Canada—ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to international consortia—have boosted their business by partnering with ESA.

  • Satellites bring multi-faceted 5G to Barcelona

    A slew of demonstrations showing off 5G’s capabilities took place in Barcelona this week, thanks to satellites.

  • Seraphim Capital Appoints Candace Johnson as New Venture Partner and Chair of Advisory Board

    The world’s leading space-dedicated venture firm, Seraphim Capital, announced on Monday 4th March that serial space entrepreneur Candace Johnson will join as Partner.

  • Interactive space simulation for nanosatellites

    Pioneer partner Open Cosmos are taking mission development to a new dimension, using a virtual reality-like simulation that replicates life in orbit for space technologies.

  • Unicorns have reached Space

    The Glasgow-based pioneer of miniaturised satellites, Alba Orbital, started the year by announcing the sale of the first two Unicorn-2 PocketQubes to US-based start-up, Stara Space. 

  • ESA Final Presentation Days – a flying start to 2019

    With over 250 participants from 18 countries coming together at ESTEC in Netherlands, the annual event for Industry and ESA experts in Satellite Communications featured a 15% increase in attendance, making it the most successful edition to date.