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  • Background Documentation

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  • Mobile Satellite for Automotive applications

    The European Space Agency is dedicated to encourage the application of satellite based solutions for a wide variety of user groups. Mobile satellite for automotive applications is a newer but no less important area for development. ESA supports a number of projects both ongoing and completed to bring the benefits of satellite communications to the automotive user group.

  • ESA's Transportable Communications Vehicle

    The ESA TCV is a transportable transmitting and receiving vehicle using Ku band with many potential applications benefiting any user needing a rugged mobile station with satellite connectivity, such as Disaster Management situations and news gathering organisations.

  • Ku Band Multimedia System

    The Ku Band Multimedia system will not only bring the benefits of satellite radio to users across Europe but multimedia applications as well. Developing and marketing it represents a fantastic opportunity for European industry. This page contains technical information, the history and future of Europe's next step in media delivery.

  • AmerHis: A Switchboard in Space

    A new approach to satellite transmission is being made possible by AmerHis. By using satellite capacities more efficiently, AmerHis will function as a kind of telephone switchboard in space.

  • Broadband on Trains

    European citizens are today demanding access to broadband networks, not just while stationary but also while travelling. Users are already able to access Internet at train stations and airports. Providing this access while passengers are aboard the trains is the logical next step.

  • The REMSAT Demonstration

    REMSAT - A Demonstration of the Use of Satellite Techniques to Help in the Battle Against Forest Fires

  • Developing a new European multipurpose platform for large telecommunications payloads

    Interview with Jack Bosma, Head of Large Platform Mission Office, about the new European Cooperative that ESA and CNES are implementing:

  • European Third Pillar for Satellite Telecommunications

    The Final report and the Executive Summary "European Third Pillar for Satellite Telecommunications" are the result of the JADES study (Joint Alphasat Definition Study) performed jointly by Astrium, Alcatel and Alenia for the European Space Agency.

  • Alphabus equipment phase C/D selection

    Alphabus is the industrial programme for the development of a generic line of large platforms. Alcatel Space and EADS Astrium are cooperating to develop and market Alphabus with the objective to compete successfully on the global commercial satcom market. The objective of the phase C/D programme is to establish the Alphabus product line and to procure its first flight model.