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  • ARTES helps ComDev Europe stake claim in marketplace

    ComDEV Europe supplies RF technology to communications and EO satellites around the world and considers the ARTES programme as a key enabler to ensure it stays competitive in the global market.

  • Improving technology: reaction control thrusters

    A current ARTES 3-4 activity is investigating a new design to a satellite´s reaction control thrusters (RCTs).

  • SAT-AIS validates market offerings

    ESA is positioning itself in the middle of the emerging AIS business through ARTES 21, a programme that will evaluate technologies against requirements that ESA is assembling with the European Maritime Safety Agency.

  • ESA supported projects for DVB-RCS

    Broadband satellite communications can connect users located anywhere. The open standard DVB-RCS contributes greatly to increased connectivity and its rising popularity is making an impact in the market. ESA supports a wide range of projects, which encourage adoption of the DVB-RCS standard, providing positive benefits for all.

  • Iris Phase 1 Final Reports

  • User Segment ITT's - Schedule

    This ITT focuses on Integrated Applications and User Terminals which, from the users' point of view, are crucial elements in determining the attractiveness of the system and in its eventual success in the market place.

  • Magali Vaissiere appointed Director of TIA

    Magali Vaissiere was appointed ESA Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (D/TIA) in April 2008, and took up duty on 1 June.

  • ESA's Mobile S-UMTS Demonstration Van

    Designed as a prototype for the ideal urban vehicle of the future, this ESA van is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment supporting a host of satellite-based UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) services.

  • Air Traffic Management via satellite

    ESA is committed to bringing the benefits of satellite telecommunication to Europe. In this spirit ESA has developed a strategy to support Satellite Communications for Air Traffic Management in the framework of the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research programme (SESAR).

  • ESA supported projects for Disaster Relief

    A key role of the European Space Agency is to respond to the needs of its Member States, the European Union and user communities, including the institutional sector. This is especially clear in the area of Disaster Relief and Emergency Management. ESA has been leading activities in this area for more than a decade.