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  • ADS's new dual feed subreflector assembly

    News: ARTES 3-4 success story

    With the support of ESA, Airbus Defence and Space has developed a key component for the commercial satellite market – a versatile subreflector assembly – that is now validated for flight.

  • Video: Linking by laser for fast data delivery

    The Alphasat/Sentinel-1A optical link payloads have now been qualified. This ESA video describes how the system works.

  • Succesful demonstration of Alphasat-Sentinel-1A laser link

    News: an important milestone for the ARTES 7 EDRS programme

    28 November 2014 – Marking a first in space, Sentinel-1A and Alphasat have linked up by laser stretching almost 36 000 km across space to deliver images of Earth just moments after they were captured.

  • New ARTES 5.1 Schedule Adjustment CCN

    The Contract Change Notice template should be used when a contract change is required that affects only the schedule of a running ARTES 5.1 activity. If further contractual changes are required (e.g. new or amended work package content, changes to deliverables) the standard CCN template defined in the contract should be used instead.

  • ESA announces signing of Iris Precursor contract

    News: the next stage of ESA's long-running ARTES 11 Iris programme

    26 Nov 2014 – A contract worth €15 million was signed by ESA’s Magali Vaissiere, ESA’s Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, and Rupert Pearce, Inmarsat CEO, worth €15 million at Westminster in London, UK.

  • TIA: Past, Present, and Future

    Interview with Magali Vaissiere, director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications

    To mark the celebration of 50 years of European cooperation in space, we ask Magali Vaissiere, director of TIA, to highlight some of the noteworthy accomplishments of the Directorate over the years.

  • The launch of MARECS 2B

    Today in ESA satcoms history

    10 November 2014 – On this day, 30 years ago, one of Europe’s first telecommunications satellites, MARECS B2, was launched. The MARECS maritime communications satellites were the first European satellites of their kind.

  • First EDRS node on track for launch

    News: an important milestone for ARTES 7 EDRS

    The first component of Europe’s space data highway passed several critical tests this summer replicating the harsh launch and space conditions it will soon have to endure.

  • First commercial airline for Alphasat air safety service

    News: satellite-based air traffic management is now a step closer

    Hawaiian Airlines (USA) has announced it will be the first commercial airline installing Inmarsat’s (UK) SwiftBroadband-Safety, a new air safety service for trans-oceanic flights that has been designed and developed through the Alphasat Private Public Partnership between Inmarsat and ESA.

  • On the lookout for landslides

    Two recent ARTES-funded feasibility studies looked into ways of understanding and mitigating the risks associated with unstable terrain