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  • Dawn of the terabit era – critical functions of the first European Q/V-band reflector are demonstrated

    The race for in-orbit capacity for data transmission has been given a big helping hand with the development of the first large European Q/V-band reflector. The reflector, which was developed under ESA’s ARTES Advanced Technology (AT) programme, along with German Space subsystems specialist HPS GmbH is a significant step forward in the conception of terabit satellites.

  • ESA helps to drive UK space success

    The Harwell Space Cluster just outside Oxford now employs more than 1,000 people across 92 organisations – and a showcase event on 27 June emphasised that most of those taking part are receiving support from ESA for their growth plans.

  • Pioneer satellites launched

    The latest ESA Partnership Projects mission has launched two tiny supercomputing nanosatellites aboard a Soyuz rocket from Vostochny in Russia.

  • ESAiL undergoes its final preparation for launch

    The ESAIL microsatellite developed under ESA’s programme for tracking ships at sea is going through its final tests ahead of launch.

  • Next satellite in the European Data Relay System arrives in Kourou

    The second satellite to join the constellation that forms the European Data Relay System (EDRS) has arrived at its launch site in Kourou, French Guiana.

  • First taste of space for spacebus neo satellite

    The thermal vacuum test campaign of the first Spacebus Neo satellite was completed on 25 June. Less than 100 metres from the Mediterranean Sea, the Konnect satellite has spent the past six weeks being exposed to the cold emptiness of space.

  • Additive Manufacturing – making the impossible possible with 3D printing

    Additive Manufacturing (AM) can be considered one of the most disruptive emerging technologies, its radical approach being one of the driving forces of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. An Innovative aerospace supplier, SWISSto12, has developed under ESA’s ARTES Advanced Technology programme a patented technology based on AM to produce key satellite components – opening a new world of solutions for radio frequency applications.

  • Personalised app for safe sunbathing wins support

    A mobile phone app that uses space tech to identify the healthiest way to sunbathe has won the industrial approval of BASF, a giant chemical company that makes the ingredients for sunscreen and many other products.

  • How satellites can improve the health of city dwellers

    Most people get a health boost from exercise. But for those with heart disease or a lung condition such as asthma, exercising during periods of high urban air pollution can exacerbate rather than improve their condition.

  • Announcement of Opportunity for Electra

    ESA has released an Announcement of Opportunity for Electra, with a deadline of 28 June for expressions of interest.