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  • Quantum communication in space moves ahead

    Keeping information secure in today’s interconnected world is becoming ever more important, so ESA is supporting efforts to ensure that future communications are kept confidential.

  • First leap for beam-hopping constellation

    Broadband satellites that can be completely repurposed while in orbit have just taken a leap forwards.

    Beam-hopping satellites can switch which region of the world they cover – and vary the data volume and rates for each region – according to demand.

  • Triton-X, the New Competitive European Multi-Purpose Microsatellite Platform preparing for commercial market

    The European Space Agency signed a Partnership Projects contract on 21st May 2021 with the Prime Contractor OHB LuxSpace (LU) for the development and the qualification of the Triton-X Heavy platform, which will be ready for commercial use by mid-2023.

  • Reprogrammable satellite design finalised

    The design for a series of telecommunications satellites that can be completely repurposed after launch has just been completed.

    The standardised OneSat satellites for the highly competitive global commercial telecommunications market are software defined and fully reprogrammable in orbit. They are being developed as an ESA Partnership Project with manufacturer Airbus.

  • ESAIL captures two million messages from ships at sea

    The ESAIL microsatellite for making the seas safer has picked up more than two million messages from 70 000 ships in a single day.

    The reliable high-performance satellite was developed as an ESA Partnership Project to help European and Canadian space companies succeed in the competitive global telecommunications market.

  • Astronauts to boost European connectivity

    Astronauts aboard the International Space Station are planning a spacewalk to install a high-speed satellite link that will improve their connections with Europe.

    The system will enable astronauts to connect at home broadband internet speeds – delivering a whole family’s worth of video streaming for communications and a data pipeline connecting the scientific experiments aboard the Station to researchers in Europe.

  • 7 years of successful in-orbit operations for ESA Telecoms’ Hosted Payloads on-board Alphasat

    Providing exceptional value for in-orbit technology demonstration at a minimal expenditures, ESA’s Hosted Payloads will have clocked 7 years of continuous operations in-orbit at the end of 2020. At the forefront of laser and Q/V band communications, the Hosted Payloads demonstrate ESA’s Partnership Projects ability to develop, implement and validate innovative end-to-end systems.

  • ESA’s Pacis 3 project moves forward with new GaN Solid State Power Amplifier

    The Preliminary Design Review for the Dual Solid State Power Amplifier (DSSPA) developed by SENER (Spain) in the frame of ESA’s Pacis 3 Partnership Project has been completed successfully. The very first test results obtained on the 10W X-band DSSPA prototype have been presented and exhibit impressive performances.

  • New partnership to inspire competitive innovation

    A fully reconfigurable, software-defined, standardised satellite for the commercial telecommunications market is under development, with contributions from a new Partnership Project between satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space and ESA.

  • ESAIL’s first map of global shipping

    The ESAIL microsatellite for tracking ships at sea has captured 57 000 messages in its first 24 hours of operation, using advanced on-board processing algorithms.