European Space Agency

Telesat Projects for Remote Communities


As part of the ARTES-3 Multimedia Programme, ESA has funded two projects in Canada, primed by Telesat Canada, that are quickly gaining national and international recognition as rapidly deployable solutions for remote and underserved areas.

Through the Remote Communities Services Telecentre (RCST) initiative, Telesat and a consortium of private and public partners have developed, deployed and validated a wide range of applications utilising an innovative IP-over-satellite infrastructure, including Telemedicine, Telelearning, Telejustice, Government Services, Business and Community applications, and High speed access to Internet.

The dramatic success of the RCST project has led to a further collaboration between ESA and the RCST partners to develop and implement a satellite-based emergency medicine and disaster response network in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canadian industry is now funding a 22-community Smart Communities project modeled on these ESA funded projects, and the project partners are moving to exploit the outcomes of these projects on a commercial basis.

There is a large potential to export the Canadian know-how to the rest of the world, with considerable potential for expansion of services based upon these projects to the Caribbean, Central, and South American markets with the launch of Telesat Canada''s new Anik F series of multimedia satellites.

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17 July 2000
Published 06 July 2004
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