Annual ARTES Applications Workshop 2013 - presentations available

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The workshop presentations were divided into several categories including environment, transport, consumers & capacity building, partnership with ARTES applications, dual-use safety, water management & fisheries and maritime surveillance. Presentations are now available.



Presentations: Annual ARTES Applications Workshop


DAY 1 - 18th April 2013

Welcome & Introduction Speaker
Italian Strategy in the Development of the Space Business Application Marco Airaghi
ARTES Applications Programme Ambition Amnon Ginati
How innovative space-based applications contribute to economic growth Ian Taylor
Lessons Learned on IAP First Phase Rachel Villain
When Technology meets Customers' needs Jose Achache
How space-based services can help the environment from a user perspective Antonio Agostini
Environment Speaker
VECMAP: Disease vector mapping Guy Hendrickx
SATMODO: Real-Time Harvest Monitoring & SATFORM3D: Satellite Forestry Monitoring 3D Enda Keane
SAMBA: SAtellite Monitoring of the ship emissions in the Baltic seA Tapani Stipa
Transport Speaker
Satellite Services for a Modern EU Railway System Angelo Chiappini
3INSAT- Train Integrated Safety Satellite System Mouna Lekchiri
Optimising Intermodal Freight Transport through European Ports: iPort Dennis Kehoe, James Douglas
DG-TRAC -Dangerous Goods Transport Tracking and Tracing in the Medical Sector Harold Linke
XcitID - Tracking of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods Cesar Gracia
21NET:Broadband to Trains Henry Hyde-Thomson

DAY 2 - 19th April 2013

ARTES Applications Entry Points Francesco Feliciani
Consumers & Capacity Building Speaker              
Smart technologies for smart citizens Caroline Figueres
Sway4edu: Satellite way for education Filomena Cuccarese , Federica Matteoli , Annamaria Pastore
Lift-Off: New Traffic Control Solution for Internet via Satellite Michele Luglio, Walter Munarini, Luca Carniato
SatFinAfrica: Financial Services for Africa Fulvio Sansone and Caroline de Vos
Partnership with ARTES Applications Speaker
Partnerships for sustainable services Nick Barnard
HYLAS 1 & SES ASTRA applications opportunity Francesco Feliciani
Space4Med: joint project with the European Investment Bank Mathias Link
E-Health for the Sub Saharan Africa Region Alexander Horsch
The German IAP Prize: outcomes & way forward Baerbel Deisting
Dual-Use & Safety Speaker
Space-based services for civil protection Luigi D'Angelo
A user case scenario in the Security field Major Angelo Casalino
T4MOD- Telemedicine for Medical Operations in Distant Areas Dr. Stefan Goebbels and Dr. Thomas Weber
FAAPS - Fully Automated Aqua Processing Service Helmut Schnabl
B-LiFE Biological Light Field Laboratory for Emergencies Roland Gueubel and Jean-Luc Gala
Prediction, Monitoring and Alerting of Landslides and Subsidence Affecting Transport Infrastructure Samuel Almond
Water Management & Fisheries Speaker
Space Asset in the Water Sector
Joris Van Enst
INTOGENER: INTegration of EO data and GNSS-R signals for ENERgy applications Erwan Motte
SAVEWATER: Integrated SAtellite-AUV services for sustainable WATER management Piet Seuntjens
iFish North Sea: Integrated Fisheries Information System for the North Sea Robert Gallagher
Maritime Surveillance Speaker
EMSA Vision Integrated Maritime Surveillance
Marin Chintoan-Uta
DESIRE: Demonstration of Satellites enabling the Insertion of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in Europe Jorge Calvín Mascarell
NG-RMP Next Generation Recognised Maritime Picture Paul Kiernan
Wrap-up and Conclusion Amnon Ginati
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