6th Annual ARTES Applications Workshop

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ARTES Applications Workshop 2016 - Event Photo Gallery

On 28 – 29 April the 6th annual ARTES Applications Workshop took place in Brussels. This year’s workshop was jointly organised by the IAP team and the Belgian Science Policy Office, Belspo, and was held at the Brusssels 44 Center.

The event was very well attended, with more than 230 participants from many parts of Europe. Thirteen service providers exhibited their products and services in the demo corners.

In the opening session, Amnon Ginati, who established the Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme at ESA, gave a lively and entertaining speech about the many challenges he and his IAP colleagues had faced in the beginning and the excellent results IAP has been able to achieve.

A special feature of this year's workshop was the Space Business Idea Challenge, organised in collaboration with the Vlerick Business School, Belgium. From the open call, six teams were selected to give presentations. The jury selected the three best ideas, and the winning teams were awarded prizes and will receive further support from ESA to implement their ideas.


The presentations from the workshop may be downloaded below.

Session Topic Speaker & organisation
Introduction session:
Startups, SME's and Space applications
Room: Auditorium
Keynote speeches by guest speakers from following organisations:  
Belgian Science Policy Office Jacques Nijskens (Belspo)
European Space Agency Magali Vaissiere (ESA),
Amnon Ginati (ESA)
Enterpreneurship vs. Management Hans Crijns (Vlerick Business School)
Maritime challenges and the contribution of Space Leendert Bal (EMSA)
Session 1:
Panel discussion on ARTES Applications and complementary funding opportunities
Chairman: Elia Montanari (ESA)
Room: Auditorium
Funding Opportunities under the ARTES Applications Programme
(download all presentations for this session)
Amnon Ginati (ESA)
Space for Mediterranean Acceleration Programme Youssef Hammidadin (Oasis500)
Seraphim Space Fund James Bruegger (Seraphim)
Ovinto: testimonial on funding challenges Frederic Ronse (Ovinto)
Geosatis: testimonial on successful raising of external capital Urs Hunkeler (Geosatis)
  Avia-GIS: testimonial on successful raising of external capital Guy Hendrickx (Avia-GIS)
Session 2.A:
Space 4 Transport
Chairwoman: Rita Rinaldo (ESA)
Room: Auditorium
Introduction to ARTES Applications transport projects portfolio analysis Rita Rinaldo (ESA)
EuroPORT: Optimising Intermodal Freight Transport through European Ports Joao Sequeira (GMV)
RTICM: Real-Time and Intelligent Cargo Monitoring Gerd Eiden (Luxspace)
Advanced SAT-AIS Maritime Applications Simon Chesworth (Exact Earth) and Jon Farrington (Roke)
DG-Trac: Support of dangerous goods transport in the medical sector Harold Linke (HITEC Luxembourg S.A. )
Skyliberty: Air navigation safety for general aviation Nicolas Hanse (ESNAH)
Session 2.B: Masterclass: How to convince investors? Cedric Donck (Vlerick Business School)
Masterclass: How to convince investors
Room: Break-out room
Session 3:
Space 3 Green energy
Chairwoman: Carla Signorini
Room: Auditorium
Introduction by the ESA Directorate of Technical and Quality Management Carla Signorini (ESA)
UK ambassador platform for offshore renewable energy Callum Norrie (Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult)
Sewiss: Space Enabled Wind Installation Site Screening Paolo Senes (Optimize group)
CSP-FoSyS: Concentrating Solar Power Forecast System Zeyad Yasser (TSK Flagsol GMBH)
Session 4.A:
Turning EU directives into business opportunities
Chairman: Leendert Bal (EMSA)
Room: Break-out room
Introduction to space applications in support of waste management Tony Sephton (ESA)
Steam: RPAS to help EU Member States enforce the EU sulphur emissions directive Pierre Debusschere (CLS)
ICWM4MED: Monitoring of Coastal Water Quality Paulo Manunta (Planetek)
Cymons: Cyanobacterial monitoring services for operational management of surface waters Marco Pieterse (Blueleg Monitor)
Session 4.B:
Space weather: Application opportunities
Chairman: Jan Dettmann (ESA)
Room: Auditorium
Introduction to Space weather in ARTES Applications Jan Dettmann (ESA)
ESA Space Situational Awareness: Space weather and possible applications Alexi Glover (ESA)
Swair - Space Weather Impact on GNSS service for Air Navigation Paulo Martins (Present Technologies)
Session 5:
Satcom operators initiatives to attract innovation
Chairman: Francesco Felliciani (ESA)
Room: Auditorium
Open the way to new ideas Francesco Feliciani (ESA)
Satlas: SatCom Service Incubator Manuel Cuba (SES)
High Capacity Satellite (HCS) Applications Factory initiative Shahida Barick, Carlene Lyttle, Michelle Kennedy (ViaSat UK)
Session 6.A:
Different paths leading to ARTES Applications
Chairman: Nicolas Helssen (ESA/BELSPO)
Room: Auditorium
Introduction to ESA ARTES Applications Ambassador platform Norbert Huebner (ESA)
Snowsense: from IAP Prize and to Demo Project Florian Appel (Vista GMBH)
Technology Transfer Programme Office broker network Sam Waes (Verhaert)
Profumo and Sympa: from EC-FP7 to ARTES Applications Alessandra Settin (Vitrociset)
Session 6.B:
Space & Crowdsourcing: What's possible?
Chairman: Gonzalo Martin De Mercado (ESA)
Room: Break-out room
Introduction to big data for space applications Gonzalo Martin De Mercado (ESA)
Aircheckr: Air Quality check service using satellite imagery and crowdsourcing Nicolas Dosslaere (Nazka Maps)
New Commons: Urban forestry montioring using satellite imagery and crowdsourcing Paul Hickey (Breadboard Labs)
Simona: Satellite assets Integration for Maritime situatiON Awareness Salvatore Castiglione (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica) & Valerio Corini (Nais Solutions)
Session 7: Introduction to the ESA space 4 rail portal Michele Castorina (ESA)
Space 4 Railway ERTMS evolution, the role of satellites Chiel Spaans (ERA)
Chairman: Michele Castorina (ESA) How Satellite Navigation is contributing to a more efficient European Transport Fiammetta Diani (GSA)
Room: Auditorium Samolosa: Satellite Monitoring for Logistics Safety Frederic Ronse (Ovinto)
  EOMST: Satellite Internet Broadband on trains Pierre Eisenmann (21Net)
  3insat: GNSS and Satcom Integrated applications for the Evolution of ERTMS Francesco Rispoli (Ansaldo)
Session 8: Pitching presentations of Space Business Idea Challenge finalists Cedric Donck (Vlerick Business School)
Space Business Idea Challenge: Pitch deck
Room: Auditorium
Session 9: Introduction David Praet (Belspo)
European service - Global reach Professional IP services for Africa and Middle East Caroline De Vos (SatADSL)
Chairman: David Praet (BELSPO) Vecmap: Mosquito Habitat Mapping Guy Hendrickx (Avia-GIS)
Room: Auditorium Saltwater: Surface Water Monitoring Marco Pieterse (Blueleg Monitor)
  Geo-SHM: Structural health monitoring of bridges Xiaolin Meng (Nottingham univ.)












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