European Space Agency

Govsatcom Precursor Overview


Govsatcom Precursor for governmental satellites, responds to the growing need in Europe for secure communications to the benefit of its citizens, in applications such as crisis management and maritime safety.
It is a first step to demonstrate how European space industry can support the EU’s Govsatcom initiative, which aims to pool and share governmental and commercial satellite services to provide secure and guaranteed access to satcom for a wide range of governmental applications.
Satellite operators and service providers will present the first precursor public–private partnerships, Pacis-1 and Pacis-5. These projects will develop secure mission control systems and operations centres and demonstrate the benefits of pooling and sharing to the users in the field, including Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).
Five more Pacis projects have been defined as part of a future federation of demonstration projects in the 2017–20 timeframe. The federation will represent most of European satellite operators and service providers and a wide range of use cases. The ESA Govsatcom Precursor programme will be implemented in synergies with the Govsatcom demonstrations planned by the European Defence Agency.


ESA will then introduce its efforts, together with satellite industry, to develop and demonstrate the added value that satellites bring in the context of 5G in facilitating pan-European and global coverage, resilience, mobility and security for the provision of 5G services and as an enabler of innovative infrastructure and services.

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