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Core Competitiveness


ESA's ARTES Core Competitiveness programme helps European and Canadian industry to develop innovative satcom products, services, systems and partnerships.

It provides support throughout the technology development process; from the initial idea to a fully-fledged product, system or service.

The programme provides the funding, multi-disciplinary expertise, business knowledge, opportunities for small and medium enterprises and for international consortia, and contacts needed to turn the concept into reality.

ARTES Core Competitiveness combines two previously independent ARTES elements: ARTES Competitiveness & Growth (industry initiative) and ARTES Advanced Technology (ESA initiative).

News and Events

News and Events

  • SVNO

    The hiSky project is focused on the development and demonstration of an advanced satellite communication system, tools and services models for voice, data and IoT communication. This allows the establishment of a fully functional Satellite Virtual Network Operator SVNO operation.

  • A3M

    Market-driven challenges for improving the performance requirements of telecommunication satellites necessitate the development of innovative new technologies. Highly integrated RF modules combined with active antennas are gaining in importance. For these systems, new Transmit and Receive modules and integrated antenna concepts are in development...

  • Array Fed Reflector Antenna (FAFR)

    An array fed reflector antenna, based on a passive multi-feed-per-beam architecture, enables the generation of shaped beams of different size, matching the particular shape of the areas they are designed to cover, thus improving the usable capacity of the overall system. A very complex BFN is built as a single part exploiting additive...