European Space Agency

ARTES Partnership Projects


ARTES Partnership Projects is a programme element to provide the satcom industry with an efficient framework to bring innovative products and systems into the marketplace through industry-generated public–private partnerships.

ESA has implemented several PPPs through its ARTES programme including Amerhis, Alphasat, SmallGEO, Hylas-1 and EDRS. These programmes have demonstrated that a PPP model is well suited to achieve ESA programmatic strategic objectives in the satcom domain. This is introduced in the telecommunication sectorial Long Term Plan to: introduce innovative technologies with the highest possible impact for future recurring exploitation; foster the competitiveness of the satcom industry in Europe and Canada and create new value-added services that would otherwise not be offered and provide social benefits.

Partnership Projects will help develop innovative satellite communication systems and products in line with ESA’s strategic objectives together with a private partner. The partner manages the operation, service provision and the construction of the required system with other industrial partners.

ESA is offering an opportunity for private parties within ESA’s Member States and Canada to propose potential PPPs. See the contact link here.