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Kristine Løvflaten Koslung

Gunnar Randers vei 24 Kristine Løvflaten Koslung
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Space Applications can play an important role in the search for new sustainable solutions for the challenges we are facing in the Nordic countries. It’s time to be creative!


Kjeller Innovation is working to generate value from research. As a technology transfer office and a business incubator we know that achieving success often means taking risks at an early stage. This requires an ability to recognise good ideas and the needs of the market. Not least, it requires a culture of innovation. Our team believes in teamwork, commitment, know-how, creativity and determination – and a desire for renewal. 

During the last 24 years we have developed a unique way of working. We guide the innovation process – from an initial idea to a growing company. Our aim is to establish successful companies providing solutions that society needs. This is how we generate value and leave our mark.

Kristine Løvflaten Koslung 

Employed by Kjeller Innovasjon, Kristine Løvflaten Koslung works as a business developer with startups and young entrepreneurs spinning out of universities, research institutes and existing industry. As the project manager of European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Norway (ESA BIC Norway), she scouts for startups with potential for participating in the BIC, facilitate for collaboration between Norwegian industry and ESA, gives business advice to entrepreneurs and is responsible for the daily operation of ESA BIC Norway.   

Why promote Space application to Norway? 

Practical benefits have always been the chiefaim of Norwegian space policy. Space activity has not been an end in itself, but a means to serve Norwegian interests. 

We have special needs in the High North and it cannot be assumed that actors outside of Norway will have the ability or interest to develop good solutions. It is therefore important that Norwegian research and technology communities possess the insight and expertise required to identify workable solutions; such expertise is also necessary to be a competent counterpart in procurement transactions and international partnerships and, when appropriate, to develop and implement national solutions. 

We believe that Space Applications potentially can play an important role in the search for new sustainable solutions for the challenges we are facing.   

Role of the Norwegian ambassador 

Together with ESA and the Norwegian Space Agency, the Norwegian ambassador works to promote and raise awareness about the different business opportunities that can be developed with the European Space Agency. The ambassador has an additional role to stimulate interest for ESA Business Applications by preparing, promoting and coordinating workshops and conferences.  

APNorway assists ESA Business Applications (ESA BA) mainly in four activities: 

  • Generate new activities: We aim to spread awareness about the new business opportunities and how space can create value for your business. Through this work we will identify customer/user needs, inform and educate potential stakeholders about space assets and how they can bring value to solutions and services.  
  • Communication: Establish connection with the industry, end-users, service providers, and research institutes. The ambassador platform will also communicate news, events and information about ongoing projects.  
  • Identifying potential industry: Identify global market sectors, market and technology trends. Identify and connect with various stakeholders and work for potential collaborations between Norwegian industry and ESA.  
  • Event Organization: Organize and participate conferences and event to promote the program and to generate new business activities.