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Lorenzo Scatena,
Eleonora Lombardi,

c/o Agenzia spaziale italiana

Via del Politecnico snc Fondazione E. Amaldi
Rome 00133
Phone(+39) 068567696
The democratization of space is opening the door to the development of sustainable downstream services provided by new space ventures. The AP-IT encourages the Italian innovation ecosystem, supporting technology transfer processes in every phase of the value chain and providing business, technology and financial guidance


The ESA Business Applications Ambassador Platform for Italy (AP-IT) is the Italian hub to stimulate the ecosystem of space integrated applications and to support space related business ventures.

The AP-IT is hosted at the Fondazione E. Amaldi, in Rome. Italy has a long-standing experience within the international space sector and its role in downstream applications ishighly growing. Counting on the support of ESA, ASI and the Italian government, the AP-IT has a pivotal role in outreaching and promoting the funding opportunities and delivering technical and commercial guidance.  

The AP-IT identifies commercially sustainable projects that use or are enabled by space technologies and provides advice on business ideas for the programme across sectors and regions in Italy. It develops partnerships with new and existing users, customers, service providers and stakeholders. The AP-IT also offers opportunities for engagement with thematic domains and new users through links to innovation centres, research centres, incubators and accelerators.   



Lorenzo Scatena - Lorenzo has 20 years’ experience in technology transfer and finance for innovation, in both private and public sector organisations. He is Secretary General of Fondazione E. Amaldi and previously served as a lawyer and financial analyst and his expertise in the legal field spans from corporate and finance to business contracts and administrative law. 

Eleonora Lombardi – Eleonora is Senior Technology Transfer Officer at Fondazione E. Amaldi specialised in business development. She gained international experience in the space sector at the Strategy Department of ESA, and specific knowledge of the end-user’s community of satellite applications and of the key role played by space solutions at Eurisy, in Paris. She helps the network by promoting the ESA’s Business Applications programme and providing coaching and mentoring for industry, to support bidders in preparing more competitive and sustainable proposals.