SatFinAfrica - Reliable and secured financial services in remote areas

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Project Objectives

"SatFinAfrica" is a pilot project to demonstrate the suitability of the Sat3Play platform, originally designed for the consumer and SoHo market, to provide reliable and secured financial services (e.g. to money transfer companies, microfinance institutions, banks and Automated Teller Machines) in remote and underserved areas in emerging countries in Africa.

Sea&Space targets the niche market for remote sites of large organisations, in particular financial institutions, which have a critical need for a ubiquitous and secured telecommunication platform with adequate latency performance and privacy and acceptable service costs. Not covered by terrestrial communications means, these remote sites are generally not large enough to justify the investment in a classic corporate VSAT.

Three main corporate applications are targeted:

Money Transfer

The main requirements for the Money Transfer application are:

  • VoIP,
  • Latency < 700ms,
  • Need for prioritisation of the traffic to allow money transfer applications and banking applications to have priority over office applications (e.g. e-Mails).

Automatic Telling Machines (ATMs)

The main requirements for the ATM application are:

  • Closed Users Group,
  • Need for a Committed Information Rate (CIR) of 10kbps to allow reliable authentication/authorisation of transactions,
  • Latency <800-900ms,
  • Privacy.

VPN application

The main service requirements VPN applications for African financial institutions are:

  • VPN tunnelling with Public IP addresses,
  • Encryption,
  • VoIP,
  • Need for Burst Information Rate (BIR) and Committed Information rate (CIR).

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15 February 2014 - Status date: 31 July 2012