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07 November 2014

In an activity supported by ESA, a software package called VECMAP was developed that uses Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation data to populate an online database, allowing researchers to map high-risk areas. 

15 September 2014

Satellites are linking mobile breast cancer screening units directly to hospitals so that radiologists can start their diagnoses earlier.



Latest Projects


Status date: 15 December 2014

The SARONTAR (Situational Awareness and Command & Control of Rescue Forces in Alpine Regions) project comprises the demonstration and pilot implementation of a satellite-based operations control system for a more effective and a more coordinated proceeding of the rescue forces in alpine rescue missions.


Status date: 15 December 2014

In many African countries, livestock farming is an important source of revenue that improves the quality of life and strengthens the development of the economy. Animal health not only has an impact on animal production and its economic consequences, but zoonoses may also have an important impact on public health.  Real time surveillance and prompt actions are paramount in diminishing the impact of epizootics on livestock. For this reason, early detection and shortening the time between detection, reporting and providing measures to contain an outbreak is crucial.


Status date: 15 December 2014

SAFEDEM aims at providing a service platform addressing the needs of the Mine Action community to improve and optimize planning and preparation, and to reduce the impact of demining activities.


Status date: 09 December 2014

The SENSA project aims at a collaborative platform supporting “sustainable & responsible tourism” in protected remote areas, such as natural parks, natural reserves and historical sites.


Status date: 09 December 2014

T4MOD project aims at defining, developing, realising, qualifying and validating a user friendly Telemedicine system, through an interoperable IP overlay satellite network associated with an intelligent end-to-end communication platform, capable of supporting different medical specialities.


Status date: 09 December 2014

The SIMONA project, managed by a Six Italian Company Consortium, intends to provide an information platform based service that can complement and enhance existing Maritime situation awareness services operated by Italian Coast Guard and Navy, with functional advantages also for other stakeholders like Port Authorities, bathymetry mapping Authorities, Merchant ships, Insurance Companies.

This through the integration of three space assets, i.e. EO, SATCOM and GNSS, via the use of respectively COSMO SKY MED and Copernicus, ATHENA FIDUS and Eutelsat, and GPS complemented with EGNOS (GALILEO in the future) services.

SIMONA will leverage on existing services by orchestrating them together with ad-hoc developments based on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigms.


Status date: 03 December 2014

Snow avalanches kill people and damage infrastructure in mountainous regions worldwide. Avalanche warning services base their products mainly on numerical weather prediction outputs, networks of automatic stations and observers in the field. Presently many European networks are not dense enough and observations by people in the field are hindered by bad weather conditions or high avalanche danger.


Status date: 01 December 2014

This project covers the specification, design, implementation and pre-operational demonstration of a ‘Platform for Advanced SAT-AIS Maritime Applications’ (PLASMA) at the UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult facility in Harwell. 


Status date: 01 December 2014

The proposed project is to conduct a feasibility study focused mainly on interoperability aspects derived from to design, implement and operate a pan-African eHealth platform based on a satellite communications system.


Status date: 24 November 2014

The objective of this feasibility study is to assess and validate the requirements for space technologies in support of optimising situational awareness in the Arctic. The major focus is on two application areas – shipping (e-Navigation in the Arctic) and oil & gas (Arctic oil spills).