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07 November 2014

In an activity supported by ESA, a software package called VECMAP was developed that uses Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation data to populate an online database, allowing researchers to map high-risk areas. 

15 September 2014

Satellites are linking mobile breast cancer screening units directly to hospitals so that radiologists can start their diagnoses earlier.



Latest Projects


Status date: 24 November 2014

The objective of this feasibility study is to assess and validate the requirements for space technologies in support of optimising situational awareness in the Arctic. The major focus is on two application areas – shipping (e-Navigation in the Arctic) and oil & gas (Arctic oil spills).


Status date: 17 November 2014

SafeSki is a feasibility study aimed at creating an innovative concept for user-friendly information services, which support the operators of ski resorts in the management while increasing safety, the portfolio of services offered to skiers, snowboarders, etc., and reducing operational costs.


Status date: 17 November 2014

The Ovinto SaMoLoSa study addresses the use of satellite technology for the reduction of transport risk, security enhancement and optimisation of logistic operations by the tracking and monitoring of extremely dangerous goods in unpowered, mobile transport units such as rail tank cars and intermodal tank containers.

Peat Spotter

Status date: 13 November 2014

Peat Spotter was conceived by Rezatec Ltd. as a potential data service to provide cost-effective information for sustainable peatland management.  Our intent is that Peat Spotter will reduce the amount of expensive field work required to gather information on peatland location, intactness and carbon content over time.


Status date: 12 November 2014

KORE goal is to develop and launch a precision agriculture service for UK farmers. KORE will be enhancing an already successful service, EssentialsMap, which is currently based on data collected by sensors mounted on farm machinery and from in field measurements. KORE will introduce the advantages provided by remote sensing techniques and will allow an entire field or farm to be easily surveyed to derive meaningful crop growth and crop health information for the benefits of the farmers and the agronomists.


Status date: 12 November 2014

LuxSpace (LU), in cooperation with the project partners arviem (CH), OHB teledata (D) and megatel (D), develop an innovative container/cargo monitoring device which offers cargo localisation and condition monitoring capabilities via a wireless sensor network and reporting using satellite communication means and AIS (Automatic Identification System) data.

Apart from the technical development, a comprehensive customer tailored real time cargo monitoring service is offered, including analytics and operational support.


Status date: 07 November 2014

The economic damage caused by drought in agriculture is huge and growing. These damages can occur both directly in the agricultural sector caused by losses in the agricultural production as well as indirectly through compensation paid to farmers by the state administration. Effective tools for monitoring drought, for an objective quantification of damages or for the design and implementation of preventive measures, are missing. Information on the development and the possible drought threat is based solely on meteorological data, while the real agriculture conditions of vegetation and soil moisture are not yet monitored at all.


Status date: 06 November 2014

This study evaluates improvements to existing voice analysis technology. It is coupled with high fidelity communications signal and GNSS data, aiming to detect situations of mental strain and fatigue in operators. With the aim of offering a new technology – iVOICE, integrated VOIce analysis via satellite Communications Embedded in time and safety-critical environment. It also investigates the potential to develop services linked to high-risk and high-stress environments or dislocated domains, including heavy equipment operation, ground and air transportation for private and commercial use, as well as applications for future use in distributed health care for remotely living populations and peace-keeping communication and navigation services.


Status date: 06 November 2014

The HV-SATPROTEC project aims to prove the technical, economic and non-economic feasibility of a future integrated system/service combining relevant space (EO, SATNAV, SATCOM) and non-space assets (UAVs and in-situ data, Weather predictions and monitoring, Data processing technologies, GIS) for applications related to electricity transport systems maintenance monitoring and fault recovery.


Status date: 04 November 2014

The SARONTAR (Situational Awareness and Command & Control of Rescue Forces in Alpine Regions) project comprises the demonstration and pilot implementation of a satellite-based operations control system for a more effective and a more coordinated proceeding of the rescue forces in alpine rescue missions.